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R’eyan Long Profile

R’eyan Long

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Undergraduate Major: Mental Psychology

Why did you decide to attend college?

  • Learn more about the job I am going to do.
  • New experience.

How did you learn that you were a first generation college student?

  • Conversations with Liz.

What support system or mentors do you have in college?

  • Case workers
  • Advisors

What were your personal, family or community strengths that motivated you to attend college?

Putting myself in better situations and becoming a better person.

What has surprised you most about your college experience so far?

The resources and on campus events.

What do you hope that you can do with your bachelor’s degree?

Get my dream job (therapist)

What advice do you have to a new first generation college student considering or pursuing a degree at Ferris?

  • Become more involved
  • Reach out to other first gen students