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Cindy Smith

Cindy Smith

College/Department: Disability and Accessibility Resource Center 
Title: Educational Counselor
Office: Arts & Sciences 1017
Phone: 231-591-3058
Email: [email protected]

  • Undergraduate Institution: Michigan State University
  • Undergraduate Major(s) & Degree(s) Achieved: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications
  • Graduate Institution(s): Central Michigan University
  • Graduate Major(s) & Degree(s) Achieved: Master of Arts in Professional and School Counseling

How did you learn that you were a first generation college student?
I found out I was a first generation college student when I was working at Alma College, many years after I went to school.

What support system or mentors did you have in college?
As an undergrad - none, but I should have. As a graduate student, I would ask questions of other students I trusted and reached out to resources on campus. A librarian at CMU, was wonderful, via phone, walking me through how to use the library website, answering all of my questions, showing me how to search for journal articles, and how to check out books through the site.

What is something that you know now, that you wish you knew when you were in college?
As an undergrad, I was never aware that there was a Career Services Office. I wish I had known and took advantage of that resource.

What advice do you have for a first-generation college student pursuing a degree at Ferris?
Don't be afraid to ask questions, a ton of information you will need is on the Ferris website, and we're here to support you. We want you to succeed.