Prevention, Education, & Training

Prevention and Education

The Title IX Coordinator and various campus partners are pleased to be able to offer presentations and training for students, faculty, and staff. While some examples are listed below, additional training is available upon request.

Consent & Respect

Consent & Respect is an online module all students receive access to that provides about sexual misconduct prevention, response, and intervention. 

Step UP

Step UP is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others. Step UP training provides a framework explaining the bystander effect, reviews relevant research and teaches skills for intervening successfully using the 5 Decision making steps, combined with the Direct, Distract, Delegate Model for effective helping.

Bringing in the Bystander

Bringing in the Bystander is a highly interactive, researched and evaluated in-person prevention program that uses a community of responsibility approach. It teaches bystanders how to safely intervene in situations where an incident may be occurring or where there may be risk.  

Communication, Choices, & Consent

Communication, Choices, & Consent is an engaging and interactive program presented in collaboration with the Personal Counseling Center. It covers healthy relationships, consent as well as the Bystander effect, and how to safely and effectively intervene.


  • Online Title IX Responsible Employee Training - Go to the Staff Center for Training & Development Catalog in Canvas Training and enroll in the Responsible Employee Training module
  • Title IX Responsible Employee Training offered regularly through the Staff Center and individual colleges and departments.
  • Global Compliance Network online training for new professionals (Harassment)
  • Anti-harassment and non-discrimination seminars provided through the Equal Opportunity Office at Ferris State University
  • Outside training experiences for individuals directly responsible for resolving complaints through ASCA, NASPA, and other professional organizations
  • Regular training for University police on responding to incidents of sexual violence
  • Ongoing housing staff training provided by Residence Life and through collaboration with the Department of Public Safety, the Office of Student Conduct, the Ferris Equal Opportunity Office, and the Personal Counseling Center