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How to File a Complaint / Report an Incident

Report an Incident Online: This form serves as a means by which anyone may file a report about sexual misconduct. This form is also for complainants who wish to notify the institution of the incident, but do not wish to file a formal complaint at this point in time.

File a Formal Complaint: Filing a formal complaint will initiate the grievance process related to the reported allegations which includes initiating an investigation and/or initiating the informal resolution process.

Common Questions About Reporting

  •  Can I report an incident in person?

    Yes, incidents can be reported online or in person. The University takes all complaints of discriminatory conduct seriously and is committed to prompt, thorough, and appropriate review of allegations made or known to the administration. Individuals who believe that they have been the victims of conduct prohibited by the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy or who believe that they have witnessed or otherwise have information about conduct in violation of those University policies should promptly report complaints to the University.

    • Complainants may pursue some or all of these steps at the same time.
    • Complainants need not know which course of action they wish to request, nor how to label what happened.
    • Complainants and other reporting persons are encouraged to seek support and information from a confidential resource.

    Contact the Ferris State University Department of Public Safety for assistance in filing a criminal complaint and preserving physical evidence.

    Department of Public Safety
    1319 Cramer Circle
    Big Rapids MI 49307-2128
    (231) 591-5000

    Contact the Ferris State University Title IX Coordinator to make an internal complaint/report.

    University Center 129D
    805 Campus Dr., Big Rapids, MI 49307
    (231) 591-2088

  •  What are employees required to report?
    All University employees have a duty to report Sexual Harassment, regardless of where it occurs. to the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator when they receive a report of such conduct or witness such conduct. The report must include all known relevant details of the alleged Sexual Harassment.  This reporting obligation includes employees who may have a professional license requiring confidentiality if they are not employed by the University in that professional role.
  •  Are anonymous reports accepted?
    Any individual may make a report of an act of Sexual Harassment. The report may be made without disclosing the identities of the parties involved. However, the University’s ability to respond to the third party report of Sexual Harassment may be limited by the amount of information provided.
  •  How am I protected from retaliation?

    It is a violation of University policy to engage in Retaliation.  Individuals who believe they have been retaliated against should report that retaliation to the University so that the behavior(s) may be addressed.

    Retaliation should be reported to any of the following campus departments:

    Title IX Coordinator
    Phone: (231) 591-2088

    Ferris State Department of Public Safety
    Hours: 24/7 Dispatch
    Phone: (231) 591-5000
    Crime Hotline: (231) 591-5900

    Office of Student Conduct
    Hours: M-F,  8-12 p.m. and 1-5 p.m.
    Phone: (231) 591-3619

    Office of the Dean of Student Life
    Hours: M-F,  8-12 p.m. and 1-5 p.m.
    Phone: (231) 591-5916

    When reporting an allegation of retaliation to the one or more campus resources your privacy will be a significant priority. Information regarding the allegation will only be shared with individuals who have direct responsibility for responding to the allegation, addressing its effects, and preventing any recurrence.