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Guide for Students Experiencing Pregnancy and Related Conditions

If a student is experiencing pregnancy and is looking for resources, adjustments to campus life, accommodations, or support then they should contact the Title IX Coordinator. Students can also contact faculty or staff members who can direct them to the Title IX Office. Disclosure is voluntary and faculty and staff do not have to report to the Title IX Coordinator if the student does not want the pregnancy to be shared; this is the choice of the student.

When a student reports a pregnancy or pregnancy-related condition to someone (faculty or staff), the student will be informed of the Title IX Coordinator’s contact information. The staff or faculty member should ask the student if they would like the Title IX Office to be notified. The Title IX Office will reach out to the student if notified to share information and provide resources.

Available Support

Health Resources

Housing Support

Pregnancy-related absences

We know that pregnancy can impact attendance and coursework completion. Pregnant students have the right to pregnancy-related absences and medically appointed treatments should be excused. Consideration for flexibility with assignment deadlines during pregnancy-related absences is an expectation. Please tell us if you need assistance managing absences or coordinating with your faculty regarding late work submissions that may occur due to pregnancy or postpartum needs. Students can contact the Title IX Coordinator if they need assistance communicating with faculty about their needs.

Academic support

If you feel you need added breaks during class, rescheduling of exams, parking help, a larger desk etc., then we are here to help you work with your faculty. Our team wants to make sure you can focus on the classroom and will do what we can to make that environment more comfortable for you. Please contact the Title IX Coordinator to initiate these discussions.

On-campus work responsibility

Let us know if you may need a modification to your on-campus job role (such as sitting v. standing or exposure to chemicals), and we will work with your campus supervisor to review options. Contact Human Resources for support with any workplace modifications.

Right to privacy

The University is committed to keeping student privacy. Information about pregnancy and related conditions will be shared on a need-to-know basis or if there is a legitimate need to know. Information about pregnant students’ requests for accommodation will be shared with faculty and staff only to the extent necessary to provide reasonable adjustments or modifications.

Lactation Spaces

Individuals in need of private lactation spaces should contact the Title IX Coordinator via email ([email protected]) to identify a space that is reasonable available to the person's need while on-campus. 

Reporting a concern

To report concerns about discrimination or harassment based on pregnancy or related conditions, contact the Title IX Coordinator. To reach the University's Title IX Coordinator, email [email protected]