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 ***February 2024 draft***


A creative approach to problem-solving and experimentation that leads to implementation of new ideas that continuously improve and add value to all Ferris State University.

Commitment Statement 

Ferris State University is dedicated to cultivating a dynamic, ethical culture of continuous improvement where creativity thrives, ideas flourish, and bold innovators emerge as leaders of positive change. We are committed to educating and empowering all stakeholders to overcome challenges in pursuit of fearless exploration and the implementation of transformative ideas.


Build a Culture of Innovation 

University support for The Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship demonstrated by assigning a dedicated staff, annual budget, and physical space to ensure success of innovation efforts.

Create programming to support student entrepreneurs and facilitate learning around entrepreneurship including an incubator, student competitions, workshops, community connections, and mentorship.

Facilitate presentations and workshops designed to expose the university to emerging technology and teach them how these technologies support learning and/or impact professional careers.

Host a university-wide showcase of innovation that provides an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to showcase innovative projects, inspires discourse, and recognizes exemplary and unique work

Recognize, reward, and support faculty and staff who develop grant-funded projects and intellectual property for commercialization.

Promote Community Engagement and Collaboration 

Facilitate sponsored projects and research that connects students and faculty to industry and community organizations (longstanding MOUs and short-term projects).

Sponsor and lead external community/industry events that perpetuate innovation and engage the campus community.

Host speakers, presentations, and demonstrations on campus that introduces the university to innovative leaders, technology, and businesses from the community.

Launch an outlet (physical and digital) where students, faculty and staff can showcase/sell their products and services within the community.

Advocate Professional Development / Innovation Methods 

Facilitate an innovation grant and employee incubator program for university employees to explore and implement initiatives that support organizational growth.

Develop and facilitate professional development training courses for faculty who want to learn and implement innovation methods in their coursework and teaching methods (FCTL).

Develop and facilitate professional development courses for regional industry/community organizations who want to train their employees in innovation methods (CPD).

Develop credit, non-credit and certificate credentials for students and industry (certificates, badges, etc.) that integrate coursework and learning outcomes focused on innovation methods.nd credentials 


 ***February 2024 draft***