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Digital Programs

School of Digital Media

In each major, this applied approach to learning is coupled with small class sizes, internships with industry leaders, a proven track record of success and faculty who bring the perfect blend of education and industry experience.

Digital Animation and Game Design

Your passion for gaming can lead you to a very exciting and influential career. DAGD is one of the hottest careers in the 21st century. Whether you want to design the next blockbuster game or create simulations of the newest medical procedures, you can do it with the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Animation and Game Design (DAGD).

Digital Media Software Engineering

From health care to informatics, business to entertainment, our world runs on technology. From the moment you wake up until the time you retire back to bed, you are surrounded by life-enhancing products that require software. Software engineers design software to continuously advance existing products and invent new ones. Create the world as you see it. Design and create software for current and emerging technologies.

Television and Digital Media Production

Are you a hopeful storyteller, inspired by the creative vision of the latest Hollywood films? Maybe you’ve thought about making your own film. Or maybe your dream is to produce your own television show. When the credits roll, your name could be listed after “director” or “producer.” Your future career may be with a small independent production company or a large conglomerate of television networks. Whichever you decide, your first step is the Ferris Bachelor’s Degree in Television and Digital Media Production (TDMP).