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A Look at the Esports Production Program

Students playing computer games.

Game On.

We recently launched a new online Professional Esports Production bachelor's degree and we're here to break it down for you. We'll give you some more insight as to what you can do with the degree and catch up with Esports Program Coordinator, Varun Singireddy, who has first-hand experience in the field!

What exactly is an Esports degree?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be experienced in gaming. While students who pursue a bachelor’s in Esports Production might come from a gaming background, many prospective students are interested in the professional side of Esports. Learn the business side of the industry, explore the unique setting of event management or media production, or even coaching and interface design. A bachelor’s in Professional Esports Production provides you with an array of career options and will prepare you for leadership roles in the growing industry.

What can I expect in the classroom?

This fully online program focuses on production, content creation, streaming, and user interface design. You will build the skills to produce and distribute content, set up, host, and stream professional esports events, and develop programmable screen overlays and user interfaces. Students will gain an immense amount of hands-on knowledge from courses like Esports Security, Esports Coaching, Live Stream Interface Design and even Culture and Diversity of Gaming. 


How can I use a degree in Esports Production?

The Esports industry has a wide range of career opportunities. Some pursue a career in commentating, coaching, content creation, marketing, event management, sales, and more! The jobs are as diverse as the growing industry. This program helps connect students to professionals in the Esports scene across the nation to find collaborative opportunities for the students, program, and the Esports community at Ferris. This program allows you to find your niche and discover the many roles that are required to make the field a successful one. 

What other esports opportunities does Ferris offer?

If you're looking to put your skills to the test, consider competing alongside the Ferris Esports Club. Esports club players have the opportunity to compete against other collegiate gamers from across the United States in popular games including Call of Duty, League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, and much more. If you want a hand in all of the fun, but don't want to compete, the club has other opportunities for you including their production team that helps to organize and broadcast weekly Twitch streams.

Get involved

Get to know the esports program coordinator

The brains behind the operation is Varun Singireddy, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator. Esports students have the opportunity to learn firsthand from Singireddy who is a creative designer surging with a passion for games, design, and programming. With his thorough education in game design and development, his rich knowledge comes from his career as a Programmer in TAGStudio, Hyderabad, India. Now, as an instructor, Varun strongly believes that "experience impacts learning", and motivational factors that promote the experience are games! He designs gamified experiences in his courses that engage students in playing a game, while they learn.

What's Next for the esports program?

In Fall 2023, Ferris will be launching their official Esports Arena, which will be the biggest Esports Arena Michigan has ever seen. The new arena will be available at the Big Rapids campus in the brand new Center for Virtual Learning. Students in the Esports Production program will have hands-on access to the arena to facilitate, produce, and conduct events and creative projects in the space. This new facility will help take the Ferris Esports program to the next level.

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