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Meeting Your Scholarship Deadlines

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Meeting Your Scholarship Deadlines

Did you know, that there are hundreds of scholarships offered through Ferris State University year-round? Even better, dozens of these are reserved for students in our off-campus programs. That's a lot of opportunities to get some extra cash for class. So many opportunities, in fact, that sometimes it's hard to keep track of them all! To get a handle on things, we talked to our financial aid experts and compiled some tips for getting those scholarship applications in on time.

1. Keep checking the scholarship website

New scholarships pop up on the Ferris State University Scholarship page all the time. Make a habit of checking the page once every couple of days to stay on top of the latest financial aid opportunities. 

2. set reminders on your phone

Life can get busy! It's easy for due dates to slip your mind. Setting reminders on your phone is a great way to make sure you never miss an important scholarship deadline! 

3. block out time to work on scholarships every week

What's one way to make sure that you get something done? Make a schedule and set aside time to work on it! Whether you're able to sit down for 10 minutes or an hour each week, think of how many scholarship applications you could finish if you made it a part of your weekly routine.

4. ask for help

Having someone look over your applications, proofread your essays and hold you accountable makes it a lot easier to get those applications in on time. Plus, it really is great to have a buddy by your side! 

You can find all current scholarships on our scholarship page.


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