Dean A. Vanloo, PharmD

Pharmacy Practice
Phone: (269) 341-6245
Email: [email protected]


  • PharmD, University of Michigan, Pharmacy

Graduate/Post-Graduate Training

  • Residency, Pharmacy Practice Residency, Bronson Methodist Hospital, Kalamazoo, MI, United States


Pre-Pharm: Calvin College

PharmD: University of Michigan

Residency: Bronson Methodist Hospital

Publications and Intellectual Contributions

  • Book Chapter
    Vanloo, D. A. (2018). "Immune System," Pharmacy Certified Technician Training Manual. 14th Ed. (14th edition). pp. 619-633. Lansing, MI: Michigan Pharmacists Association.
  • Book Chapter
    Vanloo, D. A., Dowling, T. C. (2017). "Renal Drug Dosing Concepts," In J. E. Murphy (Ed.), Clinical Pharmacokinetics (2017) (6th Edition). Bethesda, MD: ASHP.
  • Journal Article
    Koski, R. R., Vanloo, D. A. (2010). "Etiology and Management of Chronic Meningitis," US Pharmacist. 35 (1). pp. HS2-HS8. Conger, NY/Jobson: Jobson Publications.
  • Journal Article
    VandenBussche, H. L., Vanloo, D. A. (2010). "A Clinical Review of Echinocandins in Pediatric Patients," Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 44 (1). pp. 166-177. Sage Journals.


  • Poster
    Stutz-Griffey, H., Weaver, P., Woodwyk, A., Sohn, M., Wallington, D., Warner, A., Vanloo, D. A., Klepser, M. E., American College of Clinical Pharmacy Annual Meeting, "Impact of pharmacist-led education and prescriber report cards as outpatient antimicrobial stewardship initiatives in a community health system," American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), New York, NY, (October 27, 2019).
  • Poster
    Kelley, S. (Author & Presenter), Schmidt, J. (Other), Vanloo, D. A. (Other), ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, "Intraoperative methadone use in complex spinal surgery," ASHP, Anaheim, CA, (December 4, 2018).
  • Oral Presentation
    Vanloo, D. A., Warner, A., Great Lakes Infectious Disease Conference, "Cut and Clean and Decide Between," Ferris State University/Michigan Pharmacists Association, Grand Rapids Michigan, (March 10, 2018).
  • Oral Presentation
    Vanloo, D. A., WMSHP Monthly Meeting, "Guidelines and Landmark Studies:Script or Suggestion," WMSHP, Bronson Methodist Hospital, (October 12, 2017).
  • Lecture
    Vanloo, D. A., WMSHP Monthly Meeting, "Guidelines and Landmark Studies:Script or Suggestion," WMSHP, Kalamazoo, MI, (October 12, 2017).
  • Poster
    Axford, K. L. (Author & Presenter), Vanloo, D. A. (Author), 2016 AACP Annual Meeting, "Residency Information Program with Integrated Training (RIP-IT) at Ferris State University College of Pharmacy," American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, Anaheim, CA, (July 23, 2016).