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Ocular Heath Assessment and Health Screening

Ocular Health Assessment and Systemic Health Screening, to contribute to the diagnosis of diseases and disorders that have ocular manifestations and to determine the impact of any systemic diseases on the eye and associated structures. It also includes assessment of the potential for ocular complications of medications used by the patient. Pharmacologic dilation of the pupil is generally required for thorough evaluation of the ocular media and posterior segment of the eye. The components of the ocular health assessment and systemic health screening may include:

  • Evaluation of the anterior ocular segment and surrounding structures and tissues
  • Measurement of intraocular pressure (one component of glaucoma testing)
  • Evaluation of the lens for clarity or presence of cataract
  • Evaluation of the ocular media
  • Evaluation of the posterior ocular segment (including the retina and optic nerve)
  • Visual field screening (peripheral vision and central vision awareness)
  • Systemic health screening tests