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Transitions and Photochromic


Ever walk outside on a sunny day and search frantically for your sunglasses only to discover you left them in your car? Transitions lenses are a great all in one alternative.

Transitions Lenses are the clearest, darkest and fastest photochromics available, offering 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Transitions Lenses enhance patients' quality of vision by providing the combined benefits of optimal visual acuity, visual comfort and protection from the damaging effects of UV radiation and glare.

  • Transitions Lenses change from clear indoors to dark outdoors.
  • Their advanced technology adjusts to changing light, so you can see clearly and more comfortably in virtually any light conditions. Glasses will turn 100% clear within about 5 minutes of coming indoors.
  • The lenses come with a scratch resistant coating.


Photochromic Lenses change from clear indoors to dark outdoors.  Photochromic lenses are glass lenses.  This makes the lenses slightly heavier than the Transition Lens. These lenses do provideultraviolet protection.