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Anti-Reflection (A/R) Coating

Glare Free Anti Reflection Lenses

Glare free (anti-reflective) lenses have improved dramatically through the years. Anti-reflective coated lenses are tougher, cleaner and clearer than ever before. The benefits of anti-reflective coated lenses include superior performance, exceptional hydrophobic (anti-water) and oleophobic (anti-oil) properties and unimaginable clarity.

An anti-reflective coated lens eliminates reflections on the surface of lens, which in turn eliminates ghost images by allowing 99% of the light to pass through the lens. For you, this means improved visual clarity and contrast sensitivity with less eye fatigue. Anti-reflective coatings reduces the halos you see around lights at night, reduces strain under fluorescent lights and eliminates reflections people see while looking at you.

Ask any of our Certified Opticians which Glare Free Lens is best for you.