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Patient Appointment Checklist

At appointment, fill out

Patient Health Information Form

Bring the following to your appointment

You may need a driver to chauffeur you home (your vision may be blurred and lights (sunlight) may appear bright after your eye examination)

Contact lens storage case (you may have to remove your contact lenses during the eye examination).

A copy of your contact lens prescription if you have it.

Do Not Wear

Eye Make-Up


A comprehensive eye examination will be performed. This may include a number of different tests, such as visual acuity, refraction, ocular motility, ocular health assessment, and pupil dilation.

Pupil Dilation

To fully evaluate the retina, your pupils will need to be dilated with eye drops. The eye drops usually take from 15 to 30 minutes to be effective. After instillation, your vision will be blurred especially for reading. In addition, your eyes will be sensitive to bright lights. These side effects last from 12 to 24 hours. Bring a pair of sunglasses to enhance your visual comfort after the pupil dilation. Also, due to your blurred vision, you should bring someone with you to the appointment to drive you home.