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Wearing and Replacement Schedules

Soft lenses

Soft lenses are typically worn daily and thrown away as determined by your Doctor of Optometry

  • in the past, these lenses were prescribed to last for months or even a year, however, even with meticulous care many patients suffered from complications
  • evidence shows that more frequent replacement greatly reduces the chances of complications.
  • newer designs are going towards "single-use" lenses, which remove the need for ever cleaning or disinfecting lenses because they are thrown away after each use
  • some new designs are approved for extended wear, which allows patients to wear the lenses overnight for a length of time.  This option is often attractive, but the use of contact lenses in this way depends on a number of factors, including tear chemistry and stability and special care is needed to ensure proper fit and wear of the lenses

Rigid contacts

Rigid contacts are typically worn daily and, with proper care and maintenance, may last for years

  • hard lenses are also available in bifocal designs, and are frequently used in the management of medical eye conditions such as keratoconus and post-corneal surgery patients
  • it may be wise to have a back-up pair of "hard" lenses, as they are more easily dislodged and are custom designed specifically for your eyes.
  • since these lenses are custom designed to each individual eye emergency replacements may take a few days.

If you are interested in ANY type of contact lenses, schedule an appointment with us today to find out what lenses our doctors recommend for your needs. If we do not have what is best for your eyes and lifestyle in our inventory, we will order them.

Call (231) 591-2020 today to set up an appointment at your convenience.