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Designs for Correction

Near and Farsightedness can be corrected with the use of contact lenses

  • spherical soft lenses are able to correct for almost any strength of near or farsightedness
  • in fact very high prescriptions are often better corrected by contact lenses than glasses
  • however, spherical soft lenses are only able to neutralize small amounts of astigmatism
  • spherical hard lenses can also correct most prescriptions and are able to correct moderate amounts of astigmatism.

Correction of astigmatism, especially moderate and high amounts may require specially designed contact lenses called "toric" contact lenses

  • these lenses used to be only available from custom orders and were often much more expensive and less convenient than spherical lenses, however, new technology provides many more options for equal comfort and convenience at only slightly higher prices than spherical lenses
  • these popular and comfortable designs can also correct higher amounts of astigmatism
  • patients who used to compromise the quality of their vision in order to have comfort and convenience can now have the best of all worlds

Presbyopia is the loss of focusing power with time, and results in an increased dependence on bifocals to help with vision at near.

  • technology has continued to improve the designs of bifocal and progressive contact lenses
  • now, many spectacle wearers choose of contacts instead of glasses
  • today these options are available in soft and hard lens designs , and are enjoyed by many who choose them.

If you are interested in ANY type of contact lenses, schedule an appointment with us today to find out what lenses our doctors recommend for your needs. If we do not have what is best for your eyes and lifestyle in our inventory, we will order them. Call (231) 591-2020 today to set up an appointment at your convenience.