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Contact Lens Options

Soft or hydrogel lenses

  • made from a gel-like plastic that contains a significant amount of water
  • currently the most popular contact lens wear option
  • great for active lifestyles
  • new lens materials are more healthy than ever because the materials let more oxygen through to the to the eye than prior designs
  • typically, a very short adaptation period is required, and soft lenses are often more comfortable initially than "hard" lenses
  • these lenses are for all types of vision correction, including bifocals
  • some lenses are available with optional tints that change your eye color.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) or "Hard" lenses

  • made of a firm, durable plastic material containing very little water
  • the healthiest of all lens choices, they allow more oxygen to pass through to the eyes than do the majority of soft lenses
  • hard  lenses may take longer to adapt to, but once a consistent wearing schedule is established they provide high optical quality, are relatively inexpensive, and last a long time
  • these lenses are still the material of choice for custom prescriptions and complicated cases
  • new materials and designs are making them more comfortable and convenient and they are regaining their popularity

If you are interested in ANY type of contact lenses, schedule an appointment with us today to find out what lenses our doctors recommend for your needs. If we do not have what is best for your eyes and lifestyle in our inventory, we will order them. Call (231) 591-2020 today to set up an appointment at your convenience.

Non-Surgical Alternative to LASIK