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Ferris Museum of Sexist Objects

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Mission of the Ferris MoSO

The mission of the Ferris Museum of Sexist Objects is to be a leader in raising awareness and inspiring activism in response to everyday items that promote sexism, gendered violence, and female stereotypes. The Museum provides a learning environment that encourages scholarly dialogue and fosters research.

"Question: How do you manage to oppress over 50 percent of this society's population and not have a revolution on your hands? Answer: You make it seem 'normal.'"

— Heather W. Hackman

MoSO Storytelling Community

From its inception, the Museum of Sexist Objects has inspired storytelling. In response to the collection, visitors are often eager to share their experiences and testimonies of how these objects have influenced their lives. The MoSO Storytelling Community seeks to give meaning to these objects by exploring their cultural, historical, and personal context through the written and recorded stories of our visitors and community. Join us in sharing your story!

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