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Medical Laboratory Science - Mission and Vision Statements


The mission of the Clinical Laboratory Science programs at Ferris State University is to prepare graduates with the knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors needed to function effectively in a wide range of laboratory settings.  


The Clinical Laboratory Sciences program at Ferris State University will provide career – oriented laboratory education to an increasing number of qualified students.   We will provide didactic, laboratory, and internship experiences that prepare students to succeed after graduation


  1. To prepare graduates for employment in a variety of settings at career entry level.
  2. To define clearly what is expected of students at all levels of the program, to make these expectations clear to all students, and to help students fulfill those expectations.
  3. To incorporate appropriate liberal arts, science, and Health Professions core courses into the curriculum and to educate professionals who are aware of the needs and values of a changing world.
  4. To provide evaluation mechanisms which recognize individual competencies and allow for advanced placement where appropriate.
  5. To provide the opportunity for worthwhile clinical experiences for all qualified students.
  6. To offer appropriate continuing education opportunities to medical laboratory professionals.