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Early Learning Center - Toddlers


The Early Learning Center maintains small class sizes to support a consistent environment, and foster positive relationships with each child and family. We maintain the highest adult/child ratio in the area. We believe small class sizes and consistent, nurturing teachers are the building blocks of a quality program.

As older infants enter the toddler classroom, they are provided flexible, yet consistent schedules and expectations in a secure environment to encourage their natural curiosity. During the toddler years children develop at varying rates, the Primary Teachers design daily plans using HighScope curriculum as a guide to promote learning in all developmental areas (social, emotional, physical, and language) based on each child’s development and interests.

Our classrooms are arranged to provide space for children to use their bodies in a variety of active ways. Each day there are fine motor opportunities, such as pouring sand through funnels in the sensory table, and large motor opportunities such as dancing, climbing, and jumping.

Toddlers generally have not yet mastered “using their words”. The teaching staff utilize acknowledgement and encouragement to assist children in gaining developmentally appropriate problem solving skills and language to express themselves.

Daily Schedule
Key Developmental Indicators 

Toddler playing with playdoh

Toddlers playing with blocks

Toddler Playing with teacher

Toddlers playing on foam blocks

Toddler painting

Toddlers in sandbox

Toddler reading with teacher

Toddlers at a sensory table