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Meet Our Staff

Picture of Lori Johnson

Lori Johnson, Manager

 Picture of Debbie Roberts

Debbie Roberts, Assistant Manager

Picture of Allyson Bennet

Allyson Bennett, Family Support Specialist 

Picture of Paige Hayden

 Paige Hayden, Teacher


Kayla Nixon, GSRP Lead Teacher

Picture of Diane Parish

Diane Parrish, Teacher

PIcture of Kelsey Redman

Kelsey Redman, GSRP Teacher

 PIcture of Brittany Burrows

Brittney Burrows, Teacher

Picture of Jamila Suhuba-Baruti

Jamila Suhuba-Baruti, Teacher

Picture of Melisssa Thiebaut-Marinelli

Melissa Thiebaut-Marinelli, Early Childhood Specialist