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Student Affairs Assessment

The Student Affairs Division engages in a comprehensive program of ongoing assessment in order to improve our services to students, faculty, staff and others.

Assessment data is meant to ensure that our daily operations are as effective as possible by providing an objective mechanism for decision making. Simply put, our assessment activities provide evidence that allows us to check the effectiveness of what we do and how we do it.

Assessment data also helps us demonstrate how our programs, activities and services support student learning and enhance the academic mission of the institution.

By participating in programs and services offered by the Division of Student Affairs, students will:

  • learn about themselves, their interests, and how to live within community (Interpersonal Development)
  • be familiar with accessing wellness resources and improve their quality of life through balance and growth across seven dimensions of wellness (Holistic Wellness)
  • develop an appreciation for cultural differences and similarities and understand ways to create inclusive and equitable communities (Cultural & Global Intelligence)
  • develop leadership and other skills that prepare them for the workplace (Career-Readiness)
  • contribute to social, political, economic, and environmental issues within their community (Community Engagement & Social Responsibility)