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Pat on the Back Awards 2017-18

The Ferris State University Pride Committee continues to recognize and reward the small ways that we show our Ferris Pride. The Pat-on-the-Back Award is a quick, easy, fun way to let someone know that they did a good thing and someone noticed.

This award is an easy and excellent way to thank a Ferris employee or student for exhibiting pride and doing something good for others through their actions.

To nominate someone, email [email protected] with your name and address, the nominee's name and address, and the reason you have chosen this faculty, staff, or student for a Pat-on-the-Back award.

Thank you for the great participation for this fun and important award.

Congratulations to the following individuals for receiving a Pat-on-the Back recognition. Each candidate will receive a Pat-on-the Back Certificate.

Awardees for June 2018

Vinod Amanchi goes above and beyond his duties constantly, he stays late to finish researching a problem, he check on alerts all hours of the night, he checks in while on vacation, and he has taken on extra duties while we are transitioning staff. He assists others in securing their applications. I just can’t say enough about how he helps everyone.

I would like to nominate Kirk E. Weller – Academic Department Head: Math for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. Kirk is always quick to help when asked questions about what Math’s bundle to satisfy math requirements at Ferris. Having students from 25 to 65 years of age, the questions can require a lot of digging. Kirk is willing to research and get back with a definitive answer. Kirk already has a lot to do but is always willing, even on weekends, to respond back with answers. Kirk Weller goes above and beyond what is expected and it is recognized and appreciated. Thank You, Kirk.

I would like to acknowledge Laurie Noell. After updating my benefits package during open enrollment, Laurie identified that I had more options available to me than I understood there to be due to changes in my family structure. I was able exercise those options and protect my family better.  Her diligence, competence, dedication to duty and professionalism reflect greatly on her and our Human Resources department. Thank you so very much, Laurie.

I would like Deb Parrish in the Purchasing Department to receive a Pat-on-the-Back Award. She has been going the extra mile since last fall to make sure the department keeps functioning. She is willing to come in early and work late to make sure the work is completed the best it can be.

I would like Wilfred (Wil) Timothy, custodian in the Prakken Building, to receive a Pat-On-The-Back-Award. Wil has been doing an exceptional job in the building. He takes Great Pride in his work. He has also made a Great Impact in the building in a short time. 

Big thanks to Catering for their wonderful service and presentation on the many FSU retirement parties they catered in June. Working with them on an event is easy and they helped to make sure all of our department retirees had a great send-off.

I would like to nominate Jason Mason for a Pat-on-the-Back award. His happy, friendly, helpful attitude is contagious and will be missed. We wish him the best in the next chapter of his life.

Awardees for May 2018

I would like to nominate Jon Dean in HR for a Pat-on-the-Back award. Jon has been involved in many projects to automate and improve processes for the University. His skills, competencies and ability to see beyond the individual tasks to the big picture have been integral to the success of these projects. Good work, Jon.

I would like to nominate Pat Frebes in IT Services for a Pat-On-The-Back Award. Her thorough investigation of the issues we were having with processes pulling from several layers of Banner forms and tables, and her diligence to get these processes to run correctly is greatly appreciated. Not only has her work made an improvement in our department, but in several other departments that were affected by this issue. It’s great to have IT staff who pursue the solution to a problem until it has been resolved.

I would like to thank the Paint Crew at the Physical Plant, specifically Scott, Dave and Bruce, for their recent paint touch-ups to the West Building. Our building is old and worn down but the new paint helps freshen things up and gives a better impression to guests/vendors and helps staff in the West Building have more FSU pride. Thank you.

I just wanted to send a quick note to document the tremendous help Angela Buys has been throughout the Promesa Summer Success Application process. She once again continues to go above and beyond to ensure we are on the same page for communication, helps the students and their counselors understand any hiccups they experience and has been great at working with me to come up with a better application process/communication process. She truly makes a huge impact on making this process easier for the students and the counselors.

I would like to acknowledge some of my peers for their tireless work on recent issues that severely affected MyFSU and other vital Ferris resources accessed through our intranet. The bulk of time invested was between May 10 and May 17.

  • Lori Rendel – I know that Lori spent more than 40 hours working with Dell, VMWare, and our Dell reseller support team on discovering the root cause degrading these services.
  • Sean Wanders, Jacob Bouvrette, Jim Hilliker, and Kris Keusch – These Enterprise, Application and Network Services team members worked in support checking systems and services from home, late at night and even on their day off. 
  • TAC Call Center – Our call center processed a substantial number of calls reporting the service interruptions. They were also a vital resource in communicating the situation to the Ferris community.
  • Ferris Community – During these days troubleshooting, we were very aware of the effect and impact our efforts were having on the Ferris community. On behalf of the entire IT Department, we thank you for patience and understanding.

I’d like to nominate the Grounds Crew for making the campus look so good this spring, and specifically the work done early in the spring at the West Building. Being on the north end of campus and not in the main areas people travel, sometimes understandably, we aren’t first on the list for grounds work, but it was awfully nice to have our hedges pruned and weeds pulled.  Just wanted the crew to know it is appreciated.

Big thanks to Scott Kosaki and Gary Chesebro for working with the IT Services department on our many employee moves and issuing new keys or changing out cores as we restructure and move staff offices. They help talk us through everything and execute the changes in a prompt fashion.  We appreciate it.

Please give Darin Nelson in the Carpentry Shop a pat-on-the-back for completing work orders for the West Building in a prompt and friendly manner. We appreciate it.

I would like to nominate Patti Olson for a Pat-on-the-Back award for all the years she’s had my back. She will be greatly missed.

Awardees for April 2018

I feel Angela Roman deserves a Pat-on-the-Back Award for all the behind the scenes work she did to make last week’s Torchbearer Awards Ceremony such a success. Many thanks also go to the CLACS student and professional staff, as well as, all the nominators, nominees and judges who made the event possible.

I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation of Williams Auditorium Facility Manager Bob Cardana. Over the past year, Bob has been so gracious with our students in the Music Industry Management program. He has spent many outside hours (in addition to his normal workload) assisting our students with practical lessons in sound production, stage lighting, and general venue operations. His willingness to go above and beyond deserve a well-earned “Pat-on-the-Back” mention.

For all of the things she does for us, in addition to her regular duties we would like to nominate Jill Bush from Physical Plant for a Pat-on-the-Back Award.

I am nominating Amy Truong, the Mathematics Department Secretary, for a Pat-On-The-Back Award. Apart from routinely assisting the faculty of the Math Department, Amy openly shares her knowledge and expertise with surrounding departments, staff and faculty. It is not unusual to see Amy working on other projects including: the website for CAS, FFA ballot collection/distribution, designing the math club T-shirt and much more – most of which is usually unknown to her colleagues. There have been very few days that Amy does not arrive early and/or stay late. She even works remotely while on vacation. To say that Amy is a dedicated employee is a vast understatement. Amy always goes above and beyond and never ceases to amaze me (and others) with her knowledge, understanding, patience and excellent rapport with her coworkers.

I would like to nominate Lisa French (Laboratory Technician for the Biology Department).  She cheers me up every time I see her, and she does an excellent job of preparing the labs for my classes. Ferris needs more employees like her.

Awardees for March 2018

I would like to nominate Quentin Kramer for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. Quentin recently helped my department develop and implement a phone tree and menu along with several other phone changes that were needed to combine three departments into one. He was patient, thorough, and ultimately implemented the best solution for our office. Thank you, Quentin.

I would like to nominate Mark Van Lent for the Pat-on-the-Back Award. Dr. Mark consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty in meeting the needs of all students who come through our doors for mental health counseling. He is also one of the most cheerful and upbeat people on campus. He is a special individual who looks to the needs of others before himself. The counseling center is very blessed to have such a remarkable counselor.

I would like to nominate Justin Daro (TAC Second Level Support, Student Technician #161) for a Pat-on-the-Back Award to recognize his outstanding customer service in swapping out laptops and resolving printing issues for our office suite. He went above and beyond to take the time and effort to research and collaborate with Curtis Earl to resolve the issue of connecting Macs to our office copier/printer. Throughout the process, Justin kept me well informed of the status as well as the workarounds they thought might resolve the issues. It was a pleasure to work with Justin as he demonstrates that excellent customer service and technical expertise. He has a great future ahead of him. THANK YOU.

I would like to nominate whoever it was that fixed the MyFSU login so that we only have to enter username and password once. A great big THANK YOU to you and your team (if that applies).

During this spring semester, a networking event was held to highlight opportunities for women in careers considered nontraditional for their genders, and we were grateful for the fantastic professors who volunteered their time to share their educational experience and career wisdom with the students in attendance. The panelists presented information about their career journeys and then met with students in small groups to answer questions and connect with students on a more individual level. This event made such a positive impact on the students as evidenced by outstanding event evaluations and students reaching out after the event to extend their thanks through emails and personal communication. One student wrote, “I learned a lot. There were a few things I was unsure about by simply going into a male dominated program that were set at ease tonight. Thanks again.” Undoubtedly, this panel deserves a big thank you and a Pat-on-the-Back. Thank you College of Engineering Technology instructor panelists Debbie Dawson, Michele Harvey, Chris Hollenbeck, Jen Miller and Suzanne Miller. You are making a positive difference and you are appreciated.

Awardees for February 2018

I wish to nominate Rod Gardei, FLITE Digital Services assistant, for his dedication and timely hard work keeping the many computers in FLITE updated and functioning. Because the instruction studios are so heavily used, work on the nearly 130 computers in them can be a real challenge. When a recent update had unexpected complications, Rod came in during the very early hours on several morning to fix the machines when the studios were free. This is just one example of how hard he works to keep all the machines running at their best. Thanks, Rod, for your dedication to the students and faculty/staff of Ferris.

I would like to nominate Emily Zoet, Nicole Lintemuth and their team at Payroll on their efforts and hard work in getting the ORS refunds back to those that it affected. Many hours went into this detailed project and we do appreciate all of their dedicated efforts. Bulldog pride prevails.  Thanks everyone.

We would like to nominate Ben Nied (custodial student) at Starr for a Pat-On-The-Back Award.  Ben has been an enormous amount of help to the 10:30 Float crew over the last two months and we cannot thank him enough. Keep up the GREAT work BEN.

I would like to nominate Michele Albright, coordinator of Career and Volunteer Centers at Ferris State University for a “Pat on The Back” award. Michele recently presented to the students in the Ferris Youth Initiative on the services of CLACS office and did an excellent job. She had a lot on her plate that night as she was planning for the “College of Engineering and Technology Career and Internship – Day 1 which was being held the next day, she did not let that stop her from being available to present as well as very approachable. She made some “great” connections. I have had the pleasure of working with Michele on a number of occasions and truly appreciate her dedication to the students we serve and for being such a valuable resource for Ferris State faculty, staff and students. Thank you Michele for all that you do!

I would like to nominate Jane Pedelty, Christy Bregg and the entire support staff of the FSU Copy Center for a pat-on-the-back award. These ladies go above and beyond on a continuous basis to provide professional printing services to the campus community. I cannot count the times that they have accommodated very short-notice print requests with a smile. Our department submitted a project that we were a little nervous about relinquishing control of. The Copy Center staff took on the project and we have had absolutely no complaints or issues. Thank you Copy Center for your dedication and professionalism.

I would like to nominate Cindy Horn and Jayna Wekenman for a Pat-On-the-Back award. Their hard work and dedication to ensure that swim lessons happened this spring is greatly appreciated. They worked hard to improve the program and my personal experience with the program has been nothing but positive. The staff working the swim lessons are professional and the program is highly organized and my child has had a very positive experience because of the work they do.

Housing would like to nominate Craig Roach from IT for a Pat on the back award. Craig has spent valuable time and energy in troubleshooting and diagnosing a WIFI issue in several buildings on the West side of campus. Craig takes the time to keep individual departments posted on the issue and finds the resolution and is the type of person that goes the extra mile. As a result, of a new tester Craig was able to find the anomaly and campus was able to benefit. Craig deserves a Pat on the back for all he does for the FSU Network Infrastructure.  

I would like to nominate the always-smiling, never-too-busy-to-answer-questions Pam Bogucki, the wonderful secretary in the Social Work Department. Pam ROCKS.

Awardees for January 2018

I would like to nominate Andrew (Andy) Rayburn from TAC-Student Technology Services and Telecommunications, with support from Bob Horner, for a Pat On The Back Award. On Saturday morning, Jan. 6, 2018 Andy created an email account (that was scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018) for an off-campus student so that student could register for Spring 2018 Ferris classes. He also walked the new student through the process of ID and password setup. This all happened by 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Andy Rayburn’s level of Customer Service reminds us all of what is truly important in higher education: Students.

The Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships would like to nominate Jody Ollenquist for the Pat on the Back Award. Jody is very supportive of Ferris’ pre-college programs and has helped us expand college access to hundreds of high school students throughout the state.

I would like to nominate Amber Snow for a Pat on the Back award. She was tremendously helpful with a data upload for OrgSync with some very last minute fixes to get things as accurate as possible.

I would like to nominate Avery Willard, SLS Student Technician in TAC, for a Pat on the Back award. He was fantastic in getting my new laptop set up, answering any questions I had, and responding quickly when I needed assistance. His positivity is contagious! Keep up the great work, Avery.

I would like to nominate Brenda White, Nancy Walcutt, Melanie Mulder and Nancy Wencl from the Financial Aid office. During the first couple of weeks of school they are extremely busy and no matter what if I call or message them  they are always there willing to help. These ladies are greatly appreciated. THANK YOU ALL.

I would like to nominate the Custodial Float team of Terri Newberry-Morey, Jay Bush, Will Timothy, Diane McGuire, Patrick McGregor, Ryan Dean and Corey Spedowski for a Pat on the Back Award. The custodial department was hit with a high volume of illness which left the float team with a tremendous work load and they were able to get the work done and keep the areas clean for use by faculty, staff and students.

Awardees for November 2017

I would like to nominate Ken Main for the Pat-On-the- Back Award. He assisted with the SLA training and facilitated classroom presentations. He is awesome.

I would like to nominate Patrick Tobin for a pat on the back award. Pat is always eager to lend a hand and help get it done. Thanks Pat.

The Staff in the Extended and International Operations (EIO) Office would like to give a PAT-ON-THE-BACK Award to all Physical Plant, Telecomm, and IT staff that assisted with the recent EIO moves in the Alumni Building.  There were a lot of people involved with the move, and we appreciate each one of you.  We don’t want to start listing names as we don’t want to miss anybody…you all know who you are. 

I would like to nominate Dave Golden for a pat on the back for his diligence and craftsman work here at FLITE.  We are so pleased with the expeditious and excellent work that he performs and appreciate his dedication to quality.

I would like to recommend Darlene Waring, secretary of the Accounting, Finance and Computer Information Systems for her incredible patience and help way beyond what is expected. It has been a busy two weeks but her help in the program board meeting, search for adjunct faculty and quick responses to assist students in registering for a class made a lot of difference. Thanks Darlene, you deserve a pat-in-the-back.

I would like to nominate Teresa Allen for a Pat on the Back Award.  I had some trouble with Concur that she really helped me with.  While she did fix my problem, more importantly she showed me how to do things correctly and avoid the mistake in the future. 

Awardees for October 2017:

I would like to nominate Will Timothy and Scott Thatcher from the Custodial Department for stepping up when really needed. They showed real teamwork while addressing  a very unpleasant situation.

I would like to nominate Teresa Brown and Kim Smith, from the Academic Support Center, for their flexibility during the summer months. You ladies ROCKED.

Sandy Stoddard, Leah Melichar and Angie Buys deserve a Pat-on-the Back. These ladies have taken on extra responsibilities during the last year and are always willing to do what needs to be done to keep the department moving forward. Thanks ladies. You are truly appreciated.

Nina Davis and Danette Mondrella deserve to be acknowledged for their professionalism, persistence, flexibility, patience and hard work. Throughout the last year these ladies have demonstrated all of these characteristics and more. They are both the heart and soul of RSS.

I would like to nominate Laura Ward. Laura always goes above and beyond her job duties. When someone needs a helping hand, she is there. If you have a question about anything, she either has an answer or helps you find the answer. She is constantly wanting to learn more about her job. She puts so much effort into her work and takes pride in what she does, especially when no one is looking. She wants to succeed and wants to help others succeed as well. Laura is a perfect candidate for the Pat-on-the-Back Award with all her hard work and dedication.

I nominate adjunct instructor in Grand Rapids, Jasen Biczak, for a Pat On The Back Award for volunteering to drive an hour, on a Friday night, and meet with a struggling student. This unselfish act to help make a difference in a student’s life is recognized and appreciated. It reminds us all of the reason we are here: to help students. Jasen Biczak is helping make a difference.

I am contacting you today to nominate John Randle and Nancy Walcutt. I believe both members of the faculty deserve this award because of their commitment and willingness to go above and beyond for students, especially me. While I was navigating financing my last semester at Ferris through outside loans for the first time. As an independent student, I had no one to reach out to for advice about what to do so I navigated the process myself. Nancy Walcutt went out of her way to reach out and call me to help me through the process. I did not mention my situation to her, and she still went out of her way to advise me on the process and how to get the best results from my private student loans. She also excavated the process as quickly and painlessly and possible for me. 

Through the work and advice I got from Nancy Walcutt, I was guided to John Randle. Mr. Randle continued to exemplify what it means to help other and go above and beyond for students. Mr. Randle also advised me and help steer me in the right direction. He was able to help fit my needs while making sure I was still following policies and procedures. He also was extremely timely and helpful throughout my time working with him. 

I truly do not believe I would have had a good outcome if it were not for Nancy Walcutt and John Randle. I was truly at my wits end and did not know how I was going to pay for my last semester. Without their support and guidance, I may have had to drop out during my last semester. They truly made an incredible contribution to my journey in becoming a nurse. I am extremely thankful for everything they did for me.

I would like to thank Rachel Goldman from catering for her last minute work to accommodate catering for Family and Friends weekend events on Oct. 20 and Oct. 21. The Movie and Casino events had a considerable amount of people RSVP than expected. Days before the event, Rachel provided ideas to accommodate menu changes and additions to ensure all families had a great time at the event. In addition, both events had food decorated to the event theme which takes extra time and attention to detail by her and her team. Thank you.

I would like to nominate Eric Warner (Languages Faculty) for a Pat-on-the-Back award. Eric and I were at a campus event when we were alerted by a nearby student that a friend of hers was having health issues. Eric quickly responded by going over to question the ill student regarding symptoms. Shortly thereafter, Eric drove the student to the Big Rapids Emergency Room. Eric stayed at the Emergency Room for several hours to make sure the student was okay. His concern for the student, his quick action, and his remaining out late on a school night exhibited his dedication to students and his deep concern for their well being. Eric went over and above that night and his kindness and generosity were notable and appreciated.

Awardees for September 2017:

I would like to nominate Richelle Williams, from the College of Health Professions, Pat-on-the-Back award. If you’re looking for a great employee – look no further. She is always polite and helpful, she jumps in to help whenever and where ever she can and she works extremely hard and it’s all for the students. She is meticulous in her work and I think she should be recognized for the amazing work she does. Great job, Richelle.

I would like to nominate Larrey Eberts and the David L. Eisler Center Staff for all their help with last night’s Bulldog Bonanza. Larrey does an awesome job and always has a smile on his face even when things are changed again and again … and again. Thank you, Larrey.

I would like to nominate these wonderful ladies: Jeannine Martine, Terry Langan, Bridget Olson, April Ringler and Elise Gramza, for always providing superior customer service, especially throughout the busy time of building the Spring 2018 schedule. You ladies ROCK.

I would like to nominate Liz Spedoske, Amy Parks, Stacy Crystal and Michelle Balliet of the MCO for their amazing help and assistance in arrangements  to facilitate 10 BLS courses over the summer months in their building. With limited access in the Rec building during the summer months due to water damage, the MCO staff graciously stepped up and offered their facility to host numerous BLS sessions for both facility and staff. Much gratitude.

I would like to nominate the Crew of Williams Auditorium for the Pat-on-the-Back Award.  This group assisted in two first-year student events – Communication, Choices & Consent and Beer, Booze & Books in September. This team, led by Bob Cardana and Denyee Matthews, provided exceptional customer service. The student workers included:  Alyssa Bala, Emily Lewis, Jimmy Mish, John Reedy, McKenna Schafer, Scott Simpson, Joey Valentino, Kristin Verrill, and Nate Yehle. Outstanding.

Also deserving of a Pat-on-the-Back are Lyle Mourer, Kevin Carmody, and Lindsay Barber.  The Communication, Choices & Consent presentation would not have been possible without the assistance of Lyle Mourer who so graciously provided two white boards from the library for the presentation. Kevin Carmody and Lindsay Barber provided the substance of the presentation and worked tirelessly to get it just right for our students. Thank you.

Awardees for August 2017:

I would like to nominate Merrie Lange and her crew, at the Copy Center, for their prompt and quality work that was done for the FLITE faculty.

I would like to nominate the Purchasing Department, to include Doug Vandecar, Deb Parrish, and Julie for their assistance, diligence and prompt results with the many requisitions that needed to go out in July.

I would like to nominate Shari Chamberlain (Admission counselor) for the Pat-on-the-Back Award. Shari came to the FSU Open House (Aug. 9) and was overwhelmed with students. She was patient, kind and oh so very helpful. She worked not only with those wishing to attend BR but also GR (which she does not normally does), with all of our unfamiliar anomalies.  She handled the immediate admits and stayed until the last student/family was taken care … which was well after the event ended. "Awesome" does not even begin to describe the job Shari did.

I would like to nominate the members of the Financial Aid Department for a Pat-on-the-Back award. The members that make up Financial Aid are:  Melanie Mulder, Rebecca (Becky) Vokes, Lori Griffith, Kristine (Krissy) Workman, Candace Henry-Schroder, Sheryl (Sheri) Edstrom, John Randall, Heidi Wisby, Nancy Wencl, Brenda White, Debbie Lunsted, Rob Wagner, Kimberly (Kim) Galloway, Laurie Kilbourne and Nancy Walcutt.

Everyone and every department on campus has busy times, and financial aid is no exception. However, they seem to have a lot of busy and then, really busy times. Their deadlines can’t be extended or missed. They work as a team and do a great job. Over the last number of weeks, I have seen them be overly kind and helpful, even though this time (before school starts) is one of their busiest times (if not the busiest). They have a smile on their face for each student/family/customer and always go the extra mile. Their level of professionalism is commendable and their level of friendliness is “over-the-top.” We should all strive for their level of cohesiveness. Way to go, Financial Aid.

I would like to nominate Bob Walles for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. A last-minute request to get vendor access to a system was tricky, at best. Bob, being the tenacious Bulldog that he is, stuck with us in trying to help the customer and was able to figure out the issues and get them access. The vendor and I certainly appreciated the collaborative effort.

I would like to nominate Jacob Bouvrette and Tina Jensen for the Pat-on-the-Back Award. I am thankful that whenever I ask Jacob and Tina to review critical documentation in a short period of time, they are able to assist.  Their thoroughness and helpful responses are greatly appreciated.

I would like to nominate our student, Abbie-Jo Johnson, for the Pat-on-the-Back Award. Abbie-Jo just returned this week after a month off performing ROTC duties. She came back to work and, on day one, was able to clear over 100 work orders which freed me and others up to work on other responsibilities. I appreciate the hard work and dedication she provides to the Security Services Team.

I would like to nominate Amy Buse for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. She went from being a full time Professor to the MyDegree Project Director. She has brought new life to MyDegree and has made it an amazing and worthwhile product. MyDegree has so many benefits for students, faculty and advisors. It’s main goal is to improve students’ time to degree completion and therefore reduce student debt. She has single-handedly created a well-oiled, cohesive team that is doing some amazing things. She always has a smile on her face, is willing to help out in any situation and her leadership skills are impressive.

I would like to nominate Katie Thomas for a Pat-on-the-Back Award for the FABULOUS job she did with her first Founders' Day event. We had a great crowd, great displays and give-a-ways, and even great weather – Wonderful job, Katie.

Awardees for July 2017:

On Friday, July 14, Kronos had a system failure which created chaos in the Payroll Department, the Friday right before payroll sign-off. With the payroll team diligent with working through the issues, they all did an EXCEPTIONAL job at getting the issues worked out and managed to save all the punches within the system or work out a way to make the payroll sign-off process go more smoothly. Thank you ALL for your hard work and dedication through that issue and for all that you do for our campus community year-round.

I am nominating John Monahan, Computer Technician with IT Services, for a “Pat-on-the-Back” award. During the recent building remodel, in Corporate Professional Development, John did an outstanding job of take-down/set-up of all computer hardware. His forethought minimized loss of work time by users, and his critical thinking resulted in significant improvements in cabling for users. John’s reliability to meet or exceed schedule and customer service were first-class. Bravo, John.