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Pat on the Back Awards 2015-16

The Ferris State University Pride Committee continues to recognize and reward the small ways that we show our Ferris Pride.  The Pat-on-the-Back Award is a quick, easy, fun way to let someone know that they did a good thing and someone noticed.

This award is an easy and excellent way to thank a Ferris employee or student for exhibiting pride and doing something good for others through their actions.

To nominate someone, email [email protected] with your name and address, the nominee's name and address, and the reason you have chosen this faculty, staff, or student for a Pat-on-the-Back award.

Thank you for the great participation for this fun and important award!


Congratulations to the following individuals for receiving this recognition! Each of the candidates will receive a Pat-on-the-Back certificate and their name will be entered into a drawing at the end of the semester for some fun prizes.

Awardees for June 2016:

I would like to nominate Dr. Sharon George for a “Pat on the Back” award certificate and award entry. She works very hard on multiple projects here in the College of Business, and never seems to be noticed for her efforts. Scheduling orientation/registration, meeting with academically challenged students, and overseeing the FSUS sections are just a few of the job duties she excels at. Sharon is a true asset to the College of Business and I really appreciate her workplace contributions.

I would like to nominate the Grounds Workers for the great job they did on the West Camps Apartment Playground area outside the back of the West Campus Community Center. Ken Schussler has done a great job working on maintaining the area. Ken, along with Josh Bonham, Brian Cady, Daryl Young and John Brockway recently renovated the playground base and distributed a mega amount of rubber chips under the playground equipment during the heat of the day. The West Campus Apartment families and kids truly appreciate the new safer chips in the playground area along with the new way finding signage that Karen Simmon, Physical Plant Facilities developed. Thanks to Physical Plant for the safety improvements.

I would like to nominate Melissa (Missy) Saunders for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. Missy stepped up while I was on maternity leave and offered to cover my daily job responsibilities with the Institutional Review Board (IRB), even though she works in a different department. It was such a relief to know that my work was being taken care of while away. In addition, Missy has been beyond helpful to the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs—helping us complete secretarial duties while we have been short staffed. Missy is a team player and always cheerful! Thank you Missy, for always going above and beyond!

I would like to nominate Pat Frebes for a Pat on the Back Award. Pat works in IT Services – Enterprise & Applications Services and has done an amazing job of helping and solving an issue that has plagued the Payroll Department for years during Fiscal Year End. She kept coming up with new ideas, different approaches to the issue and did not quit until a solution was found.

A HUGE thank you to Vicky Deur and Dave Steffens in IT for dropping everything to help us through a time sensitive issue. Neither hesitated to step up to the plate and help us figure out a technical problem in order to complete a business critical process. THANK YOU BOTH! You truly represent EXCELLENCE and COLLABORATION for Ferris.

I would like to offer a pat-on the back to the following individuals who made the June 15, 2016 AAALAC inspection a success resulting in the renewal of Ferris State University’s accreditation: Dr. Janice Weaver, Mr. Richard Marble, Dr. James Scott. These individuals worked very hard since the last inspection three years ago, to ensure Ferris State University maintained its AAALAC accreditation. This is a very elite accreditation, more than 950 companies, universities, hospitals, governmental agencies and other research institutions in 41 countries have earned the AAALAC accreditation. Accredited institutions include Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The American Red Cross, and the National Institutes of Health and Ferris State University. Ferris State University, having this accreditation demonstrates the University’s commitment to responsible animal care and use in teaching and research laboratories. Thank you Dr. Janice Weaver, Mr. Richard Marble and Dr. James Scott for leading the efforts in the renewal of this accreditation.


Awardees for May 2016:

I would like to submit the following names for the Pat-On-The-Back award! For the last few months we have been doing an office renovation on the 2nd floor of Prakken building which needed work from so many areas. This was a pretty big project and I appreciate everyone that helped to complete this project!

Phones, Network and Computers: Quentin Kramer, Craig Roach and Zach Kipfmiller; thank you for helping us with our moves and getting us all connected back to the network. Thanks for being so prompt and helpful!

Locksmiths: Gary Chesebro and Terry Pitts; thank you for your great customer service and understanding!

Painters: Scott Ensley, Brian Estes and Dave Golden; thank you for your patience and excellent work!

Carpenters: Randy Snavely, Travis Palmer, Corky Hollister, Jeff Cammenga, Scott Kosaski, Darin Nelson and Tom Potrykus; thank you for your patience and your ability to adjust when we “tweaked” the plan!

Electrical: Travis Workman; thank you for getting us all wired up correctly!

Movers: Dan Vanhorn and moving students; thank you for moving all of those really heavy fire-proof file cabinets without complaining!

Thank you Annette LaRock for fielding all of the calls, emails and work orders with an always friendly attitude!

Most of all I would like to thank our amazing Project Manager, Matt Stanke! Matt was awesome getting this project going and keeping it on task, coordinating all of the different trades to keep the project progressing. He was here checking on the project on a regular basis making sure we were happy with the work and the progress. When he could not be here, he was calling or emailing me to keep me updated. Matt is always patient and courteous, even in the midst of the ever changing plans! This project was at times trying and tedious, Matt was always smiling and is the voice of peace keeping things calm!!! Thank you Matt!!

I appreciate all of the work that everyone did to make our project a success!! Each trade took pride in their work, did a great job, worked hard, were friendly and had great attitudes!! I truly appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you all! You are all very deserving of a huge Pat-On-The-Back!!!

I would like to nominate the Registrar’s Office staff of April Ringler, Bridget Olson, Jeannine Martine, Kalee Coss, Rachael Jones and Terry Langan for a Pat-on-the-Back. I didn’t think this group could impress me more, but recently they have shown beyond measure what it means to be a team. So often their work is behind the scenes and can go unnoticed, but their dedication ensures seamless service to our students, staff, faculty and alumni. Thank you will never be enough!

I would like to nominate Andy Kaminsky for going out of his way to assist a Grand Rapids student with a disability accommodation request for summer semester. This student needed to have a computer station lifted so that she could have the option to stand during a 4 hour class this summer. Andy went out of his way and on short notice to help raise the computer desk to complete the accommodations request for this student. Thank you Andy!

Us: Every job description has something that we do not like to deal with. Usually it requires us to deal with someone who’s job it is to make sure we are doing what we are supposed to do. Those people are the ones that are usually charged with the responsibility to assure the University is compliant with local, state or federal law. Some people choose to use the big stick approach and take a hard line that “It must be done so just do it” Then there is Us. Hazardous Material Handling, Hazardous Waste Disposal and Hazardous Communication is one of those subjects that is as far from being glamorous or exciting as it gets. For over 20 years I have had to be compliant without really knowing what I was doing. Anne has not only made the process of keeping and maintaining record so easy for the campus she is actually a pleasure to deal with. She and her team of students have taken on a monumental project with a positive customer focused attitude that makes me want to work hard to be compliant rather than just doing because I have to. Anne and her team deserve a Pat-on-the Back for working on a very important and very non-visible project – Hazardous Communication.



Awardees for April 2016:

Danette Mondrella: I would like to nominate Danette Mondrella, in RSS, for a pat-on-the-back award. She is always so helpful and amazingly pleasant, no matter what is thrown at her. Recently she went above and beyond to help us figure out concur and all the “steps” required when taking a trip and getting everything into concur. She was so organized and helpful – it was like a breath of fresh air. She is definitely an asset to Ferris State University and should be recognized with a pat-on-the-back.

Kevin Taglione, Jimmy Liss, Josh Buechler, Luke Beaudoin, Tyler James, Charlie Nye, Grayson Ege, Matt Miller, Jordan Laukaitis and Cody Bonnell: These students are part of the PGA Program here at Ferris and did a terrific job giving lessons! I appreciate the time each of these students took – they are professional and also fun to be around. In fact, they have made me the golfer I am today!

Jane Pedelty and Crew: I would like to nominate Jane Pedelty and her crew at the copy center for their dedication to their customers. Jane and crew have great customer service while providing quality work in a timely fashion even if it interferes with lunch. Thank you Jane and crew, you are awesome!

Kent Kachaterian: I would like to nominate Kent Kachaterian for his quality work in the Media Production department. Although Kent incorporates great customer service while performing large volumes of quality work, he is willing to do what it takes to achieve customer satisfaction.

Robert Hazekamp: Rob continually looks ahead for upgraded features and procedures in TAC and his respective areas. Just recently, he completely upgraded all of the computer labs in Granger with state-of-the art technology for our students. He has also made himself available to help me become stronger and more competent in my own position. Rob has taught me how to use many new applications and makes for a great partner in learning and experiencing the TAC environment.

Jeff Stewart, Jamie Samuels, Chase Watts, Omar Gonzalez, Trent Podskalan, Shari Chamberlain, Jason DaDay, Jessica Simon and the Student STARS: The last two weeks have been the busiest that I can remember for Admissions visitors on campus, in a very long time! Our Admissions Visit Experience Team have been AMAZING! They have spent a considerable amount of time assisting at the front desk, chatting it up with our guests, answering a million questions, handing out freshly baked cookies, escorting our guests to lunch and a myriad of other things, all with smiles on their faces and a desire to give our prospective students and their family, the best possible visit experience, ever! Their energy and enthusiasm has made every daily visit exciting and vibrant! All of our Admissions Recruiters work very hard, and I would like to specifically nominate the following Ferris Admissions Recruiters and support staff (Jeff Stewart, Jamie Samuels, Chase Watts, Omar Gonzalez, Trent Podskalan, Shari Chamberlain, Jason DaDay, Jessica Simon (and the student STARS), for all they did during high school spring break week - April 4-8, 2016.

Dean Kludy: I would like to nominate Dean Kludy, Computer Technician, for the Pat on the Back Award. He is always timely, professional, patient and exhibits a positive attitude regardless of the situation. Dean goes above and beyond to provide technical support. While addressing a printing related issue, he recognized that one of our computers was outdated. Despite a busy schedule, he took the initiative to locate a spare computer that was more updated to exchange for the older model. We are most grateful for his attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond as it has made our office work more efficient. Thank you, Dean!


Awardees for March 2016:

Marty Allen: We would like to nominate Marty Allen, since he started working at UCB in Jan 2015 he has washed the micro cleaning rags every day and it’s really nice to have clean rags every day. Thank you Marty!!

IT SERVICES: It is with great pleasure that I nominate IT Services for the Ferris Pat-on-the-Back Award in recognition of their outstanding work and dedication to staff, faculty and student success. The Academic Support Center (ASC) purchased TutorTrac which is a web based application that provides students a convenient way for them to schedule appointments or review ASC tutoring schedules online. TutorTrac will automatically send e-mail reminders of the date and time of appointments students have scheduled. It was challenging getting started and learning all of the intricate details and requirements for TutorTrac to become operational on campus. The support received from every member of the IT Services team was “OUTSTANDING!” A note of appreciation is further extended to John L. Urbanick, Vicky Deur, Scott Claerhout, Jim Cook, Velislav K. Pavlov, Randy Shanks, Tim Cooley and Pat Frebes for their expertise, guidance and patience throughout the process. TutorTrac was piloted Fall 2016 and is an asset to our work and support that we provide to students. In summary, because of the above mentioned work and support, I believe IT Services would be an outstanding recipient of the Ferris Pat-on-the-Back Award.

Dawn Weller: I would like to nominate Dawn Weller for a Pat On The Back Award. She came to the College of Business 6 months ago, eager to learn a many-faceted job and dug right in. Dawn is a positive influence to the College of Business, kind and helpful to the student body, faculty, guests and co-workers. The COB is fortunate to have her here with us!

Gary Lutz: This has been a long time coming, but I was in an accident back in January and my phone was lost. This happened on a Thursday, and worse, I was scheduled to leave on vacation for two weeks in the coming days. Within 24 hours, Gary Lutz found me a loaner phone, stayed until 6pm on a Friday to set it up for me, got my new phone ordered, had the international plan set up, and had it ready for me by Wednesday of the following week. He went out of his way when this was not his issue, and refused to let me go all weekend without a phone. This may not sound like it has a huge impact on more of the University community than just me, but Gary has continuously been a great partner with our admissions office, providing understanding and prompt service. Thanks Gary!

Andrea Ruggles: I would like to nominate Andrea Ruggles. This woman is amazing. As department secretary for SEHM, and program secretary for Hospitality Management she daily displays a smile and an inviting welcome to every student, staff, faculty, that enters through our doors on a daily basis. Now, since we share the building with Public Safety, there is a tremendous traffic flow….and 80 % of those seeking Public Safety come through our doors asking questions, of “where do I pay this ticket”, or “where do I get a parking pass”….again, Andrea always has a smile, and even though she is interrupted so many times a day….she continues to complete all tasks and more, and always, always has a smile to share. I give her a pat on the back for the many guests that seek parking passes….as she is the first face they see…..way to go Andrea!

Jeff Stewart: I am so excited to nominate Jeff for a Pat-On-The-Back. Over the last two years, Jeff Stewart has successfully planned and hosted the MOISD College Fair in our David L. Eisler Center. This past Wednesday (Mar 30) was this year’s event, and it had representation from 30+ post-secondary institutions, the military, and around 550 local high school juniors. They were exposed to college representatives, many of them for the first time, and this contributed heavily to creating a college going culture amongst all of these high schools, well in line with some of the educational goals of the state of Michigan. Jeff regularly visits our local districts, as the Ferris Admissions Recruiter for the surrounding counties, and has built solid & meaningful relationships with each school. With how important that region is to our enrollment, and to the Ferris State community, we can understand the value of this event, and Jeff’s commitment to its success. Thank you for all you do Jeff, as not only a recruiter, but in every task you take on and your drive to make it above expectations!

Laurie Kilbourne and Kristine (Krissy) Workman: I would like to nominate both Laurie Kilbourne and Kristine (Krissy) Workman for a Pat on the Back Award. They went above and beyond when assisting with an immediate reporting need for scholarship awarding. I know how busy they are and these ladies always have time to assist with any need. I am grateful for their positive energy.


Awardees for February 2016:

Tina Smith: I would like to nominate Tina Smith for a pat on the back award. This amazing lady wears so many hats for her college and always has a smile and laugh to make your day. She is quick and ready to tackle any problem you throw her way never thinking twice if it’s out of her daily duties, she is there to do whatever is asked. She makes my job easier because she does hers so AWESOME!

Linda Hayes: I would like to nominate Linda Hayes for a Pat-on-the-Back award. She is the conductor of a great symphony everyday juggling the needs of staff, and students, as well as prospective students and families. Always with that glowing smile and the warmth she generates that tells you she really loves what she does. She is such an incredible example of Servant Leadership.

Jeff Higley and Faye Young: It’s that time of the year when you see people stepping up and going the extra mile. Jeff Higley (Dining) and Faye Young (Custodial) volunteered on their own time to be Mr. & Mrs. Clause, Friday at the West Campus Community Center. Mr. & Mrs. Clause attended the University Apartment Annual Holiday party at the West Campus Community Center and listened to the children Holiday wishes. Mrs. Clause was very adapt with the cookie decorating table and shared her cookies with the kids. Santa and Mrs. Clause were a big hit with the kids in the community and the single students. They both should be very proud of their generosity of time and heartfelt holiday spirit.

Brandon Rodriguez: I would like to recommend Brandon Rodriguez, TAC/SLS student technician, for his assistance and diligence setting up the computer systems for Late Orientation. We never could have done it without him. His attention to detail and efforts making sure everything he did was done correctly the first time, allowed us to complete everything in the most efficient and timely manner than previously. His handwork and dedication are an outstanding example of pride in his work and Ferris State University’s first impression to new students.

Mark Rusco and Joe Wist: I would like to nominate Mark Rusco and Joe Wist from the College of Engineering Technology. In December, right before break, Mark was contacted by a teacher at Belding High School who was looking to set up a hands on school visit in GR. Mark quickly responded and got GRCC and other Ferris Grand Rapids staff involved. He responded to the teacher over break and set up a packed scheduling, including three active program overviews, including two interactive lab tours of the Manufacturing and Plastics programs. Joe and Mark came in during their break to make this a successful engaged experience for over 50 students to learn about the various career pathways into field of Engineering.

Holly Williams: I would like to nominate Holly Williams for a Pat-on-the-Back award. The CT group had the opportunity to change their insurance mid-year to an HSA plan, but were only given two weeks to decide (though there had been talk of this potential opportunity for months). I know I had sent several questions about the new plan to Holly and so did many of my co-workers. Holly was very quick to respond and able to answer all of my questions with great knowledge and clarity. I can’t imagine the volume of e-mails and calls that needed to be answered in those two weeks, but Holly did a great job and really deserves a big thanks.



Awardees for November 2015:

Shana Beisiegel: Shana is always pleasant to deal with on requests at the David L. Eisler Center, even last minute ones! The old phrase, “your emergency is not my emergency” doesn’t seem to enter her mind and she accommodates requests kindly and with patience.

Susan Roberts: Susan recently took her time to help our department with some large reporting requests. We needed data compiled from a variety of sources, and the information she was able to provide made our reporting so much easier! Thanks to Susan!

Media Production Team: I would like to nominate the team of Media Production (Steve Cox, Wes Thompson, Kent Kachaterian, Jeff Gabalis and Gabe Harkins) for a “pat-on-the-back” award. Over the course of the very busy fall semester they have been incredibly helpful with recording training, editing the Ferris History & Core Value Video, creating “Advice for Students” posters, and making PowerPoint presentations look professional with video. Their talent and willingness to help with tight deadlines is much appreciated! Much of what we do, we couldn’t do without them. Thank you!


Awardees for October 2015:

Tim Pullen: I would like to nominate Tim Pullen of the Physical plant HVACR department. Tim does an outstanding job of taking care of all our HVACR needs here in the Granger building. Whenever a report is submitted for a request to service a classroom or a lab Tim shows up ready to solve the issue in a very timely manner. We have a wide variety of complex systems that serve the Granger building and Tim keeps the building very comfortable for all who use it. He often has various student workers who he is training and takes the time needed to train them on what he is doing, whether it be preventative maintenance or and actual service call.

Jim McIntyre: I would like to recognize Jim McIntyre from the Physical Plant with a Pat-On-The-Back Award. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jim with anything less than a smile and a joke and a positive attitude. It is evident that he cares about the facilities our students and staff use, as he is always willing to pick up a new project when we ask. He has dropped what he was doing to help a student with a maintenance issue in their room which is obviously a huge priority for that student and makes them feel better about where they’re living. I see Jim working so hard for us and I hope he knows how much I truly mean it when I tell him he is so very appreciated here! He is so good to us and he deserves recognition for all he does! Thank you, Jim! You make such a difference and are so appreciated!

Gary Lutz: I would like to recommend Gary H. Lutz for the “Pat on the Back” award. Gary is a conscientious, thorough and dedicated professional – and he certainly deserves to be recognized for going the extra mile! He spent an entire day with me – working on my iPhone, iPad and laptop to “debug” the considerable problems with my systems. Gary was always patient and kind – exhibiting an authentic “customer service” focus throughout the day. He also assured me that the “problems” were not my fault – recognizing that I was holding myself somewhat “responsible” for the issues being encountered.

Amie Quist: We would like to nominate Amie Quist for a job well done in organizing a recent Faculty Retreat in the College of Pharmacy. Amie is a recent hire to our College (July 2015), and in a very short period of time, has set a high standard of excellence in her daily activities. The retreat that she organized was a big success, with comments from faculty such as: “Amie was very well organized and on top of everything – before, during and after the retreat! We are very fortunate to have her on our team!” “She worked very hard to make the event successful and enjoyable for all, going out of her way to make sure everything went smoothly.” “She was instrumental in all aspects of planning, she was very organized and the event was a big success!”

Timberly Boezwinkle: I would like to nominate Timberly Boezwinkle for a Pat on The Back. She realized one of her students was truly struggling with a learning disability and was having an extremely hard time in Timberly’s class as well as her other classes. Timberly worked with this student to see if additional tutoring or other support would help but, unfortunately, it wasn’t successful. Timberly helped this student navigate the withdrawal process; this was a difficult process for the student and Timberly was so kind and supportive for her. It wasn’t part of Timberly’s job to do this but she knew it was the right thing to do for this student.

Chris Swank, Carrie Franklund, Gayle Driggers, Yvonne Olson and Destiny Gorby: Chris Swank, Carrie Franklund, Gayle Driggers, Yvonne Olson, and Destiny Gorby had various roles in putting together the dedication for the Shimadzu Core Laboratory for Academic Research & Excellence on September 23. A project touched by many hands with several detours along the way, these dedicated employees forged ahead and provided an event that truly spoke to Ferris’, and their own, commitment to excellence!

Tom Lokers and Ken Rodenhouse: I would like to nominate Tom Lokers, Electrician and Ken Rodenhouse, Supervisor, Electrical for their collaborative and creative solution for our continued lighting issues in the University Archives Courts storage areas. The lighting was becoming a safety and low light problem. With their help we were able to devise a viable and sustainable solution. It will, in the future be a cost saving and a far more suitable solution for a challenging area. We cannot thank them enough.


Awardees for September 2015:

Karen Thompson and Erin Scott: I would like to recommend Karen S Thompson and Erin Scott from Research and Sponsored Programs. This past March I was appointed as the fiscal agent for a Department of Justice Grant for the Western Michigan region. The grant was for $300,000 in funding to combat inner-city gang gun violence. The application city did not send in their application until the due date. Erin Scott worked tirelessly on the grant all day and into the evening. Karen Thompson also worked on the grant and helped expedite its submission. Erin was able to finalize the budget, fix the narrative and submit the grant before the midnight deadline. This is the second year in a row that this the Research and Sponsored Programs have responded this quickly. I feel both Karen and Erin went above and beyond in their duties to assure the grant was polished and submitted on time.

Sandy Kerridge: Sandy Kerridge easily deserves a Pat-On-The-Back. The last two weeks have been very hectic for scheduling for the Mechanical Engineering technology program. Multiple sections have had to be moved and/or merged and/or split in order to fit it altogether due to multiple issues. Several hundred students were affected with many of their schedule conflicts needing to be resolved one student at a time; and then sections rebalanced one student at a time. What a job! She notified all students affected and handled any concern with a smile. Kudos Sandy!!

Shane Montague: I would like to nominate Shane Montague, the Accounts Specialist for CAS, for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. He is always willing to help, and never makes anyone feel foolish for asking, no matter how many times he has heard the same question. He also has the ability to explain procedures so that those of us who are not accountants can understand - and he does it with good humor! In addition, he has been proactive in his approach to problems, and we are happy to have him in our college!

Kate Van Ness, Joy Powell, Joe Rolnicki and Dan Chou: I would like to nominate Hall Directors; Kate Van Ness, Joy Powell, Joe Rolnicki, and Dan Chou for the wonderful job they have done working with the summer camp programs and attendees. Joy and Kate have meet several big demands from the large summer groups visiting our campus. While Joe and Dan have been the support in the adult halls for the summer adult attendees. There professionalism and customer service is evident by their abilities and training which provided a successful Summer Camp season. They all wear Ferris Pride each day and we all know you will soon be gearing up for the School year to start with your Ferris smile! Thank you for all that you do and succeed at each day with Housing and our students, campers and staff.

Mike Mueller and Marci Chou: I would like to nominate Mike Mueller and Marci Chou for the wonderful job they have done this summer supporting the Housing office with day to day operations and orientation. They all wear Ferris Pride each day and we all know you will soon be gearing up for the School year to start with your Ferris smile! Thank you for all that you do and succeed at each day with Housing and our students, campers and staff.

Devon Willis: Devon Willis had made lunching at the food court side of the Quad Café a very good experience this summer. Devon always makes sure you are happy with your order, does a fantastic job, and is always personable and professional.

Emily Zoet: I would like to nominate Emily Zoet, Manager of Financial Services, for a Pat-On-The-Back Award. Emily is extremely helpful any time I have a question about anything. She took the time to create a couple templates for me to use, and I couldn’t be more appreciative, as I know she is extremely busy with her additional responsibilities she has been given. I think she has been doing a stellar job in her position.

Sandy Kerridge, Warren Klop and Jeff Pedelty: I would like to nominate Sandy Kerridge, Warren Klope, and Jeff Pedelty for a Pat on the back award. When a quick decision was made to replace the flooring in the CNS network lab Sandy, Warren, and Jeff quickly removed all the equipment. They went beyond their responsibilities to ensure that the job could be done and only thanks to their efforts can the students experience the newly renovated lab. I would like to thank them so much, Great Job!!

Kyle McKenna, Brandon Rodriguez and Keegan Murphy: I would like to nominate Kyle McKenna, Brandon Rodriguez, and Keegan Murphy for a Pat-On-The-Back award. These three student technicians, for Second Level Support – TAC voluntarily, voluntarily came in very early and worked beyond their normal schedule times to assist with setting up the 40 computers used for Late Orientation. Their hard work and motivation was critical in the timely completion of the setup project. Having assisted with setting up the equipment for orientation this summer, Kyle and Brandon were able to guide others in the setup process of workstations’, freeing full time technician to set up switches and Ethernet cabling. These student employees displayed Bulldog pride and attention to detail essential for a technical project such as this. Thank you Kyle, Brandon, and Keegan for an outstanding job.


Awardees for August 2015:

Tina Ward: I would like to nominate Tina Ward for a Pat on the back award for always taking the initiative to go above and beyond while she has been working at The Rock Café this summer.  Tina always takes the time to help her fellow teammates with prep work and takes time to wipe tables and sweep floors when she has finished cooking for the day without being asked to do so.  Thank you Tina, we appreciate what you do for others and we do notice that you have heart behind the service because it shows.  Thank you so much! 

Lori Rendel and Mat Pauhl: I would like to nominate 2 staff members from the EAS team in IT, they are Lori Rendel and Mat Pauhl. We had an issue with some software that would have prevented our students, staff, and faculty from signing onto encrypted computers. Both of them stayed after 5pm despite having other places they both needed to be. They both volunteered to stay and look into this issue with myself. I feel they both went above and beyond their normal work duties as we could have investigated the issue the next morning. Since they stayed and solved the problem, this allowed our customers to be able to sign on to the computers as needed. I feel they both deserve some recognition.

Jonna Skinner:  I would like to nominate Jonna Skinner for a Pat-On-The-Back award.  Jonna continually goes above and beyond in the Admissions Office without hesitation. Jonna has been committed to making countless out going phone calls to prospective and admitted students. While on the phone with students or parents she is courteous, supportive, and charismatic all while completing daily call lists. Beyond phone etiquette, she excels during her interactions with prospective students while giving presentations and vising schools. She continually makes people feel welcomed, important and comfortable. Her communication skills and work ethics are second to none. Jonna deserves recognition for the tremendous work she does to promote the great name of Ferris State by being an excellent example to everyone around her.

Ken Clark:  I would like to nominate Ken Clark for a Pat-on-the-Back award. Ken is a faculty member and advisor for the Industrial Technology and Management program in Grand Rapids and Warren. A student who had applied to the ITM program emailed me needing assistance choosing a program that suited his career aspirations; I asked Ken if he would work with the student to determine a satisfactory path. Being the stellar advisor and person that Ken is, he called the student and ended up agreeing to meet up with him in Escanaba during his vacation! When I asked Ken about meeting the student all the way up there, Ken said, “Folks in the UP think that the Lower Peninsula thinks they are bumpkins. I would love to show them that we respect them and want them to succeed. I plan to meet him at Bay College, and any other potential students he can arrange.” Clearly, Ken is someone who puts our students first and is always willing to go the extra mile(s). Thanks for being so dedicated to our students, Ken! You are appreciated.

Rodney Gardei:  I would like to nominate Rodney Gardei for a Pat-on-the-back award.  Rod is a computer technician for FLITE. This summer he led two student workers in a project to replace 110 student PC’s and 10 instructor and lecture stations in FLITE’s instructional studios and seminar rooms.  Rod completed this upgrade without an interruption of service to users of the library.  He worked around room booking schedules, so that classes would not be inconvenienced.  His attention to detail was critical, as this was the first time TAC’s KACE imaging system was used in the library. He worked closely with TAC personnel to iron out all the details pertaining to the multiple software applications used in FLITE.  On a daily basis, his sense of humor and can-do attitude make every FLITE patron’s computer experience absolutely top-notch. 

Terry Langan:  I would like to nominate Terry Langan from the Records Office.  She is not only willing to help, but does so with such grace, enthusiasm, and efficiency.  If she notices an inconsistency she brings it to your attention and is part of the solution, not part of the problem.  Her help with housing classes and making changes has been much appreciated!

Tom Pizzo:  I want to nominate Tom Pizzo, Assistant Director of The Rock Café, for a Pat on the Back Award. During the Daily Visit through the Admissions office on June 16, a family revealed to me that their daughter had severe allergies. Not only were they concerned with eating lunch on our campus that day, they needed to know what dietary accommodations could be made for her if she were to become a student on campus. Upon arrival at The Rock, I shared their concerns with Tom and he told me to call him to the front when the family arrived. Tom listened carefully and patiently to their concerns, demonstrated how to use the iPad to eliminate foods she couldn’t eat, took them on a tour of the facility, showed them allergy safety measures that the chefs undertook, and explained other accommodations such as allowing the student to work with a dietitian on campus to come up with a meal plan or allowing the student to cook their own food to make sure it wasn’t contaminated by other ingredients. By the time Tom was finished, the daughter was more than pleased. Her mother was in tears, and her father was in a state of relief. They told me repeatedly how this effort was going to sway her decision to come to Ferris and revealed how they had been on visits to other schools that showed indifference and derision toward the daughter’s allergies, or simply did not have methods in place to accommodate her allergies. Thank you, Tom, for going above and beyond to make this family’s experience one they will never forget.

Christi Swank:   I would like to nominate Christi Swank for a Pat-on-the-back Award.  Her job could be labeled as “air traffic controller” for the College of Arts and Science and she does it with grace and composure.  Every situation I have had to ask for help she has over extended herself to do everything she could to try to accommodate without compromising the well being of the needs of the College first.  She has been a Rockstar to work with and saved me several times when I had run out of options.  Thank you Christi for being such a great team player!

Bob Griffith and Leroy Wright: Bob Griffith and Leroy Wright both deserve a pat on the back award for helping out with a distressed family visiting from out of town. Both Bob and Leroy were very helpful in getting the situation resolved and as a result, the family left here very happy and excited to be part of Ferris.

Brian Milligan and Scott Ruiter:     I would like to take this time to thank Brain Milligan, Physical Plant HVAC Supervisor and Scott Ruiter, the HVAC tech for Swan and Health Professional buildings, for the time they have provided in tracking down hoods fans not operating correctly. This week July 20, 2015 the vendor, contracted by Academic Affairs Laboratory Safety to perform the annual hood face testing, identified several hoods that were not working correctly—they were not pulling air into the hoods. Two of these hoods were in the Health Professional Building. Brain and Scott checked them out and found that someone had turned the breakers off, which were located on the roof to these hoods. This is the second year Academic Affairs Laboratory Safety has used this vendor to conduct the hood face testing, but it is the first year we have been able to take their immediate hood face testing results and relate that information to Brain so further investigation could be conducted. The end result we have hoods that are operating correctly for our faculty, staff, students and the HVAC staff.   The service that Brain and Scott provided fantastic!!