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Dealing with Intolerance

At Ferris State University, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to express their opinions—including ideas that are controversial and unpopular. The freedom of expression and open exchange of ideas is a vital part of University life; however, the University will not tolerate behaviors that threaten the well-being of its members. In the state of Michigan, ethnic intimidation is a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 2 years, or by a fine of not more than $5, 000.00, or both.

  • Please read the following:
    The Michigan Penal Code (Excerpt): Act 328 of 1931, Sec. 147b.

    If you believe you are the victim of ethnic intimidation please contact the Ferris State University Department of Public Safety at one of these numbers: Non-Emergency (231) 591-5000 or Campus Crime Hotline (231) 591-5900—if an emergency exists, dial 911.

Not all bias-incidents fit the definition of ethnic intimidation. The University opposes any actions that harass, discriminate, or otherwise create a hostile environment for students, faculty, and staff. If you are an employee and you believe that you have been the victim of a bias-incident, including discrimination, please report the incident to Human Resources Development (231) 591-2150, or Employee/Labor Relations/Affirmative Action (231) 591-2152.