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Ferris State University BulldogFerris State University Logo

official colors of Ferris State University

  Ferris Crimson
PMS : 200C
CMYK : 0 100 63 12
RGB : 186 18 43
*HEX : #BA0C2F
  Ferris Gold
PMS : 123C
CMYK : 0 24 94 0
RGB : 252 201 23
*HEX : #FFD043


The official colors of Ferris State University are the specific shades of crimson and gold defined above. Crimson is the university's primary color and gold its secondary color.

In general, these colors should be used as accents to primary image or text content, and the color ratio in any given instance of use should be two-thirds crimson to one-third gold.

Design professionals should request access to our style guide toolkit for resources to recreate the university's crimson-gold gradient by emailing [email protected].

All other users, including university staff not specializing in design and student employees, are strongly encouraged to use resources available for download on this website or Ferris' online template system.

The university's color specifications ensure consistency between our many representations of Ferris and help avoid accidental duplication of the official colors of other institutions.

Official publications, Web pages and external marketing placements representing Ferris State University and made possible by university funding are required to apply these colors appropriately. Use of dominant colors other than the Ferris colors is prohibited, with the exception of photography and neutral space using process white, process black or shades of neutral gray.

Approximation or variation of these shades is prohibited without special permission by Marketing and Communications. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for assistance with appropriate use of color.

*HEX value colors differ from standard Pantone (PMS) for reasons of web accessibility. To follow Michigan and federal law, HEX value colors should be used when publications are presented on screen and where Ferris Red text is used on a Ferris Gold background, and vice versa.