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Ferris Trademarks and Licensing

Many different organizations and companies have logos that help them establish their identity. Both state and federal law helps protect these trademarks from improper use by others. Ferris State University currently has four federally licensed marks: the Bulldog head, the signature line and name "Ferris State University," the Alumni Association seal and the University seal.

The Use of Licensed Vendors

Any vendor who produces products bearing any of these protected trademarks must be licensed to do so. The University has partnered with Affinity Licensing to manage the licensing of vendors who produce trademarked products. Affinity ensures each company has met the requirements for being licensed, such as carrying a sufficient amount of liability insurance. A list of licensed vendors is available on the Affinity website.

The Approval Process

Licensed vendors submit the artwork for a proposed product through the Affinity Web site. This artwork is then approved, denied or approved with changes by Ferris' University Advancement and Marketing department online via the Affinity site. Most often, changes are requested to ensure that the proper ® or ™ symbols, which indicate trademark protection, appear with any trademarked logo. Royalties from the sale of commercial products are remitted each quarter to the University.


Products that are not for resale (such as departmental clothing, give-aways, etc.) or that are used as a fundraiser for a Registered Student Organization are usually except from having to pay royalties. However, products that carry any of the Ferris trademarks must still be submitted for approval through Affinity and must be produced by a licensed vendor.

Non-Approved Items

Ferris State University has identified a number of items that are not to be produced using their trademarks. These include temporary tattoos, phone/debit/credit cards and tobacco-related products. Also, trademarks are not to be used in conjunction with messages that are derogatory or otherwise inappropriate.


For further information regarding the production of trademarked items contact

Anne Hogenson
Director of Marketing Client Services
PRK 108 D
Big Rapids, Mich., 49307
(231) 591-2333
[email protected]

For questions about becoming a licensed vendor go to the Affinity website.