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Cayuse IRB

Ferris State University IRB uses Cayuse IRB (Human Ethics) for the application submission and review process.

Available resources to assist with accessing Cayuse and completing an application submission:
-PDF Instructions 
-IRB Educational Session: Navigating Cayuse IRB
-IRB Educational Session: Application Tips & Tricks
*Note, the system will default the person entering the application as the PI/Primary Contact; if you need to add a different name, before removing your name, it must first be added as a co-investigator or else the system will revoke access. 

How to Access Cayuse IRB

Log into Ferris360 and search for "Cayuse Research Suite," then click on the search result of the same name.

Creating a shortcut to Cayuse IRB in Ferris360:

Watch a quick video guide

  • Click "Tools - View All" from the left-hand menu
  • Open the "Academics" category
  • Click "Load More" to reveal more tools in the category
  • Locate Cayuse Research Suite and click the star icon next to it.
  • You will now find Cayuse in your shortcuts

To submit a withdrawal/closure/revision/extension/unanticipated event request via Cayuse IRB

  • Open the Project within Cayuse
  • Select the blue, ‘new submission’ button
  • From the drop down select the appropriate application (withdrawal/closure/revision/extension)
  • Complete the form, certify & submit to the IRB for review

For projects in which you would like to request both a revision and an extension, you will need to complete two separate forms. Submit the revision request first; once it has been approved you may then submit the extension request. The system does not allow dual submissions.

Video resource also available: Post-Approval Reports

  • Withdrawals should be completed for projects you will no longer submit to the IRB for review.
  • Revision requests should be submitted if your project has any major revisions that the IRB should be made aware of in advance of implementing those changes. (ie, PI changes, subject recruitment changes, recruitment location changes, etc). Minor revisions (ie, survey word changes)need not be submitted. Should you have questions regarding changes-please contact our office. 
  • Extensions should be requested at least one month prior to a project's expiration date to request for extended time.
  • Closures should be submitted to the IRB once your project is finished. If all research-related interventions or interactions with participants have been completed and collection and analysis of identifiable private data (as described in the IRB approved protocol) are finished, the study should be closed with the IRB.
  • Unanticipated Events should be submitted within a week from the day an unanticipated event which may cause risk to subjects/others occurs. An unanticipated event is defined as "any problem or event that is determined by the principal investigator to be unanticipated, causing new or increased risk to the subjects and is possibly related to the research procedures". 

Email [email protected] with any questions.