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Educational Sessions

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December 2022 - Date & Time to be announced 

October 31
Research Compliance Conversation: CITI Training Requirements
Understand IRB application training requirements, how to have your training populate within your application, and review additional training options available at Ferris.
Zoom Link: IRB Zoom - CITI Training Requirements

April 25 Research Compliance Conversation: Obtaining Site Permission
Discussion on Reliance Agreements and when Letters of Permission might be needed. 
Zoom Link: IRB Zoom - Obtaining Site Permission

March 14 Research Compliance Conversation: IRB Application Tips & Tricks 
Learn best practices for completing an IRB application correctly and avoid preventable delays in review.
Zoom Link: IRB Application Tips & Tricks

March 11
Research Compliance Conversation: Is it Research? Do I need IRB Review?
Zoom Link: IRB Zoom - Is it Research?

April 22 Research Compliance Conversation: Process for Resuming In-Person Research Activities 
Zoom Link: IRB Zoom - Resuming In-Person Research

May 25 Research Compliance Conversation: IRB Review - How long does it take? What is the difference between Exempt, Expedited and Full Review? What's involved in the review process? 
Zoom Link: IRB Zoom - Review Process & Categories

November 18 Research Compliance Conversation: Navigating the Cayuse IRB Application System
Learn about the Cayuse IRB Application System. We will review how to submit an application, respond to comments from the IRB, and view approval letters within the system. We will also discuss how to modify approved applications and file for renewals or close projects out.
Zoom Link: IRB Zoom - Navigating Cayuse IRB

December 9th Consent Process and Requirements 
Review the requirements for consenting participants in research, Ferris IRB's consent templates, and the consent section of the IRB application. 
Zoom Link: IRB Zoom - Consent Process & Requirements


Visit OHRP's About Research Participation Resource Library for basic information about research participation, including educational videos and webinars. OHRP is the Federal Agency which oversees human subjects research.