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Creating a Respondus Exam or Survey

This is the screen that appears each time you start Respondus. Click on "Open" to edit an exam or "Create" to make a new exam or survey.

Image to show default view of Respondus

In this example, I clicked on "Create."  The following dialog box will appear.  Fill in the text fields.

  1. Name the exam or survey
  2. Provide a description (not required)
  3. Select the "Type of File"
  4. And then click on "OK"

Image of dialog box to create a new file

The software will switch you to the Edit tab at the top where you will enter your questions. From here on out, adding questions to the file is as simple as choosing the question type from the left menu, and entering your title (1), question wording, randomize answers (2) and possible answers.
Image of creating questions

Hint: You can jump from the title to the question area to the answers area using the Tab button, and once you are entering in the answer choices, you can jump between answer options using the Page Up and Page Down buttons.

Once your question is entered, click on Add to End of List and it will appear in the list at the bottom of the screen.

Note that the title of the question is a hyperlink. You can click on any question title at any time to view the question, modify it, move it to a different place in the question list or delete it.