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Tech Check and Resources

For additional help or resources, please contact eLearning or use the web resources provided by Ferris Disability Services .

  • T.2. Links to institutional policies, contacts, and procedures for supporting learners with disabilities clearly labeled and easy to find (listing these only in syllabus is not sufficient for online courses).
  • T.3. Course materials use standard formats such as .pdf to ensure accessibility and/or alternative file types provided.
  • T.4. Course screened using ADA web screening tool (, Canvas accessibility tools, ALLY) for accessibility and identified issues addressed.
  • T.5. Supportive mechanisms allow learners with disabilities to participate fully in the online community.
  • T.6. Content design and delivery integrates alternative resources (e.g., transcripts) or enable assistive processes (e.g., voice recognition) for those needing accommodation.
  • T.7. Design factors such as color, text size, audio/video controls and alt text reflect universal accessibility considerations.
  • T.8. All web links current and functional, displayed in ADA appropriate format for screen readers.
  • T.9. Copyright clearances for use of others' instructional materials and images indicated.
  • T.10. Large files identified to help learners consider download times and alternative (smaller) files provided where appropriate.
  • T.11. Videos streamed when possible; graphics optimized for web delivery and display with scrolling minimized.
  • T.12. No grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors.