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Protocols & Wayfinding, Course Level

  • 5.1. Student learning outcomes/goals/objectives available in multiple course areas (e.g. assignment descriptions, each learning module, etc...) so students know what is expected.
  • 5.2. Students can easily find, access, and review content and required resources.
  • 5.3. Students can easily move back and forth between internal and external course resources.
  • 5.4. Learning modules inclusive of assigned reading information and links to relevant resources/tools where used to reduce labor-intense learning for students.
  • 5.5. Clearly labeled tutorial materials easily accessible (with a few clicks), included on required course technologies, with an easy return to other course areas.
  • 5.6. Course uses LMS features for facilitating streamlined content delivery and interaction.
  • 5.7. Hidden folder for faculty resources to ensure course quality across multiple instructors.
  • 5.8. Directions or links to descriptions of technical, learning, academic and student support clearly labeled and easy to find (Ferris Student Resource Hubmay be used).
  • 5.9. Course Netiquette expectations for discussions, email and other forms of communication provided with examples given.
  • 5.10. Relevant FAQs, including where to find the text(s) and the minimum technical skills needed.
  • 5.11. Clear explanations of optional and/or required technology (including any costs) and links to where it can be captured and installed/downloaded.
  • 5.12. Schedule of Events clearly labeled and easy to find, containing key coursework timelines and goals; calendar and assignment/assessment due dates correctly set for current semester.
  • 5.13. Orientation to course and online learning includes clear description of the navigation plan and course expectations using short video, annotated screenshot, or document accessible in the "Start Here/Welcome" area of the course.