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Unit/Module Structure and Coursework Presentation

Does your content delivery meet the needs of all students for understanding?

  • Course content consistently organized into appropriate learning modules/units for ease of student access
  • Where appropriate, connections to course level goals/outcomes/objectives clearly communicated in student-friendly language
  • Each learning module contains instructional materials with sufficient breadth, depth, and currency for student learning
    • This is an example of a micro-lesson video demonstrating a concept sketch for students. In addition to the concept sketch, unit of the Blackboard course includes written directions, the grading rubric, and a folder of student examples.
  • Each learning module expects higher order thinking explained with examples or models
  • Each learning module includes multiple feedback opportunities to promote student achievement
  • Course engagement supported by activities and experiences using a variety of different mechanisms across learning modules
  • Learning modules include asynchronous, interactive communication strategies to promote higher order thinking (e.g. critical reflection in a discussion forum) across learning modules
  • Learning modules inclusive of assigned reading information and links to relevant resources/tools where used to reduce labor-intensity of learning for students
  • Technologies and presentation strategies are used throughout the course to meet the needs of a variety of learners in understanding course content (virtual meetings, emails/announcements, web hunt, digital presentations, streaming video, etc.)