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Participation & Interaction

  • 4.1. Regular feedback about student performance provided in a timely manner frequently throughout the course.
  • 4.2. Each learning module includes multiple feedback opportunities to promote student achievement.
  • 4.3. Learning modules include asynchronous, interactive communicationstrategies to promote higher order thinking (e.g. critical reflection in a discussion forum) across learning modules.
  • 4.4. Multiple activities structured to promote students' application of concepts and skills in realistic, relevant ways to engage with the community.
  • 4.5. Assignments effectively use external resources to facilitate inquiry and active learning, e.g., virtual library, simulations, gaming, and other web-based resources.
  • 4.6. Learning community deliberately structured using such strategies as discussion boards, group projects, group problem-solving, discussion of assignments, activities, or other collaborative activities, as applicable to the course.
  • 4.7. Learning activities foster instructor-student, student-student, and/or student-community interaction and collaboration (e.g. introductions, discussion, group projects, service learning).
  • 4.8. Students encouraged to form their own independent study and work groups for learning course content.
  • 4.9. Multiple mechanisms in place for students to give instructor and course feedback, including formal, informal, and anonymous options.