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TIP Info for Faculty and Staff

Below are commonly asked questions regarding the Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) Grant.

  •  What does TIP Phase 1 cover?

    Phase 1 covers up to $330 per credit hour for up to 12 credits per semester towards an Associate Degree. Students must be taking at least 6 credits towards the Associate Degree to use their Phase 1 funding. TIP does not cover room and board, textbooks or fees. 

  •  What is the goal of TIP?

    The goal of TIP is to assist eligible students complete their Associate Degree and beyond.

    Please encourage students to apply for graduation for their Associate Degree. It is a huge accomplishment, and the TIP Scholars Office recognizes all students who receive Associate Degrees, even if they continue on towards earning a Bachelor's Degree!

  •  How can I tell if a class goes towards an Associate Degree?
    The easiest way to check is to use MyDegree or the catalog to confirm that classes go towards the student's degree program. If a class sorts into "additional courses" please see the TIP Form page on the left navigation bar.
  •  Will TIP cover repeated courses?

    TIP will cover repeated coursework if the student has not earned the required grade in that class for their currently enrolled program.

  •  Will TIP cover prerequisite courses, even if they are not listed on the check sheet?

    Yes, TIP will cover prerequisite courses as long as they are required for students to take in order to progress to classes required for their specific Associate Degree program. 

  •  Will TIP cover summer classes?

    Due to the state funding cap, TIP will no longer cover summer classes beginning Summer 2018. 

  •  What if a student wants to begin taking Bachelor's level classes?

    If a student wants to take Bachelor's level classes they have 2 options:

    If a student is taking 12 credits of TIP Phase 1 eligible coursework, they are able to use other funding (Pell Grants, loans, etc.) to fund any credits above 12 hours. So, if a student would like to take a 300-level course for their Bachelor's they cannot use TIP Phase 1 funding to pay for the course, but may have other options. 
    A student can contact Financial Aid to move into Phase 2 by calling (231) 591-2110

  •  What if our program allows for Directed Electives or Substitutions?

    If your program has room for Directed Electives, please confirm that a student's enrolled coursework meets a requirement on the TIP Phase 1 Form.

    If a course is a substitution, please fill out the TIP Phase 1 Form and record which course it is being substituted for in the corresponding column. 

  •  Will TIP cover study abroad?

    TIP will cover some study abroad trips, as long as they are full semester and tuition is charged to Ferris. TIP will not cover tuition if it is charged at the abroad school or affiliate company. If a student has questions about funding, it is best to refer the student to Financial Aid at (231) 591-2110. 

  •  If I notice a TIP Scholar is struggling with time management or study skills what should I do?

    Please refer the student to Liz Burbatt, the TIP Scholars Coordinator to schedule a meeting. They can call (231) 591-3716, email [email protected] or stop by ASC 1035 to schedule an appointment!