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TIP Scholars Program FAQ

  •  How do I qualify for TIP?

    You must be able to answer "YES" to all four of these questions...

    1. Have you had Medicaid for 24 months within a 36 consecutive month period from the 3rd to the 12 grade?
    2. Will you have obtained a high school diploma or GED by age 20 and applied for TIP?
    3. Are you a Michigan Resident?
    4. Are you a U.S. Citizen?
  •  Who do I contact to see if I qualify?

    If you answered yes to all four of the questions above, then you call the State of Michigan Scholarships and Grants Office at 1-888-4-GRANTS; 1-888-447-2687. 

  •  Does Ferris accept Phase I TIP?

    Yes, Ferris is the only public four-year college in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan that accepts Phase I TIP funding.

  •  Who do I talk to at Ferris State University about TIP?

    Call the Patrick Weisgerber (Coordinator) in the TIP Scholars Office at (231) 591-2400 or the Ferris Financial Aid Office at (231) 591-8210.

  •  Is there a specific program I must be enrolled in to receive TIP benefits?

    Students must be enrolled in an Associate Degree program. All classes a student is enrolled in must be applicable to that Associate Degree program and must be listed on the degree check sheet (

  •  Do I need to re-apply for TIP funding each year?

    No. So long as you have filed your FAFSA for the next year and are taking between 6-12 credits that are TIP eligible (work towards your degree), then your funding will be renewed each year. This will be the case until you max out your Phase 1 funding or move into Phase 2 (whichever comes first). If you have questions, contact [email protected] or call (231) 591-2400.

  •  If I am struggling with time management, adjusting to college, or study skills what should I do?

    Contact Patrick Weisgerber, the TIP Scholars Coordinator immediately to schedule an appointment. You can call (231) 591-2400, email [email protected],  or go to to schedule an appointment!

  •  Will TIP cover repeated coursework?

    TIP will cover repeated coursework if the student has not earned the required grade in that class for their currently enrolled program.

    If you are unsure, please contact the financial aid office at (231) 591-8210.

  •  Will TIP cover prerequisite courses, even if they are not listed on the check sheet?

    Yes, TIP will cover prerequisite courses, as long as they are required for students to take in order to progress to classes required for their specific Associate Degree program.

  •  Will TIP cover summer classes?

    TIP will only cover summer classes if students have not used their 24 credits allotted per year. So, if a student has credits still available, TIP will cover summer classes.

  •  What happens if a student wants to begin taking Bachelor's level classes?

    If a student wants to take Bachelor's level classes they have two options:

    1. If a student is taking 12 credits of TIP Phase 1 eligible coursework, they are able to use other funding (Pell Grants, loans, etc.) to fund any credits above 12 hours. So, if a student would like to take a 300-level course for their Bachelor's they cannot use TIP Phase 1 funding to pay for the course, but may have other options. 
    2. A student can contact Financial Aid to move into Phase 2 by calling (231) 591-2110. 
  •  What if my program allows for Directed Electives or Substitutions?

    If your program has room for Directed Electives, please confirm that enrolled coursework meets a requirement on the TIP Phase 1 Form.

     If a course is a substitution, please fill out the TIP Phase 1 Form and record which course it is being substituted for in the right column.

  •  Will TIP cover study abroad?

    TIP will cover some study abroad trips, as long as they are full semester and tuition is charged to Ferris. TIP will not cover tuition if it is charged at the abroad school or affiliate company. If a student has questions about funding, it is best to refer to Financial Aid (231) 591-2110.