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Information for First-Gen Students

  • Being a first-generation student can mean different things to different people and different institutions. At Ferris State University, we use a modified version of the federal TRiO and Pell Grant definition which indicates - First-Generation students come from families where neither of their parents completed a bachelor’s degree and/or lack the familiarity of a four-year college experience. 

  • As a first generation college student you have the opportunity to have experiences all your own. You have the opportunity to build your education and envision the future you want. We are here to help you with your transition to Ferris State University, by providing all the resources and information you will need to know in one easy to navigate place.  

    While First-Generation students are often academically skilled and eager to contribute in many ways to the campus community, navigating the tangled web of unfamiliar college policies, procedures, jargon, and expectations can be a challenge for any student. For this reason, Ferris will continue to make a concerted effort to break down these barriers and obstacles to student success. Ultimately, what we have realized is that regardless of how First-Generation is defined, the result of helping First-Generation students helps all students to be more successful.

 We're happy you're here!