Visual Identity and Brand Standards

Standards Logo

These graphic identity standards are designed to help all members of the Ferris State University community represent Ferris consistently and well in all mediums and to all audiences. These guidelines are developed to ensure consistency throughout the brand, as well as to provide detailed instructions on how to execute.  Logos and graphic elements are available for download at the links provided. If you need assistance to use any of the resources provided here or need an asset not provided, please contact our design team:

Christa Bull: (231) 591-2332 [email protected]
Nate Clark: (231) 591-2557 [email protected] 

The items provided for download on this page are intended only for appropriate use by university personnel and are subject to trademark and licensing restrictions in commercial applications. Please contact Anne Hogenson ([email protected]) for more information.

Written Communication Standards

Marketing and Communications maintains specific Written Communication Standards. Contact Anne Hogenson for more information.

Ferris Web Standards

Our partners in Web Services maintain a Web Standards Guide and a specific Web Publication Policy. Contact Ted Halm for more information.

Ferris Social Media Standards

Our News Services partners maintain specific Social Media Guidelines. Contact Sandy Gholston for more information.