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Final Exam Tips

Tips for Final Exams

Strategies for Final Exams

The semester is almost over, and final exams are fast approaching! Check out these tips for helping you pass your finals and finish the semester strong. 

1. Prioritize your sleep routine

It might be tempting to skip some sleep during finals week to study, but try not to! One night of bad sleep won't hurt, but do your best to get a good amount of rest during finals week. Eliminating caffeine in the afternoon and avoiding blue light before bed will help you maximize your sleep. 

2. Fuel Your Body

Final exams can be long and your food is your fuel! Bring a bottle of water and a healthy, satisfying snack to keep your stamina going throughout your exams. Try these foods to boost brainpower and decrease stress: 

  • Avocados
  • Citrus fruits
  • Mixed nuts including: almonds, walnuts, and Brazil nuts
  • Dark Chocolate

Avoid these foods to maintain focus:

  • Highly caffeinated drinks
  • Sugary snacks
  • Greasy and fried foods

3. Pace Yourself

Final exams can last as long as two hours! Pace yourself. Take a few minutes to glance through your entire exam and plan your strategy. Start with the easiest portions to build your confidence and set yourself up to finish strong. Find a couple moments during the exam to take a deep breath and check the time to ensure you complete every portion before time runs out. 

4. Review your work

At the end of your final exams, it's natural for fatigue to set in. You're ready to drop off your exam and celebrate with friends! But it's important for you to take a solid 10 minutes at the end of your test to review your work. Yes, go back through your questions - all of them. You got this!