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Student Spotlight: Anthony Essmaker

Adult Learner Life-Changing Scholarship Recipient

For Ferris - Port Huron senior Anthony Essmaker, winning the Adult Learner Life-Changing Scholarship meant a great deal.

"Going back to school is a difficult decision to make, especially with car payments, mortgages and a full-time job," said the Criminal Justice student. "There are all these worries about taking time away from your family and going into debt. So when I found out I won the scholarship, it was a huge relief."

Anthony Essmaker

"Going back to school has been both difficult and rewarding. I just kept focusing one week at a time. Looking back now, I can't believe how fast everything has flown by. Even the really hard moments don't seem like mountains anymore."

Anthony will graduate in May 2019 with his bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.

"If I could give prospective students any advice I would say, don't wait! It's never too late to go back to school and it's okay to start small. Sign up as soon as possible, even if that means one or two classes a semester."


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