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Ways to Stay Focused

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Five Ways to Stay Focused as the Semester Ends

Winter break is approaching, and “end-of-semester-itch” is probably setting in. There’s a good chance you’re a little more excited about some time off than your final projects. We’ve been there before, and we have a couple tips to help you stay focused and finish the semester strong.

Set Small Goals

Break your work into manageable chunks and set small goals for yourself. The American Psychological Association says it's more effective to focus on one clear goal each day rather than taking on a long list of goals all at once. Breaking your work up will make it easier to balance school with your job, family time and the holidays.

Don't Cram for Your Exams

Research has shown that cramming the night before an exam doesn't help you learn and often stresses you out. Instead, Psychology Today suggests that you space your studying out during exam week to help you learn more and stay focused as the semester ends.

Get Some Sleep

You can’t do good work if you can’t keep your eyes open. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Getting a good night’s sleep will help reduce stress and increase your motivation. 

Stay Focused on the Future

There’s an old saying, “When you want to quit, remember why you started.” Whether you’re here to earn your next promotion, provide your kids with a better life or pursue your dream job, remember why you’re at Ferris and what you’ll be able to do with your degree. Focusing on your end goal will help keep you motivated when you start to procrastinate.

Lean on Your Support Network

We’re here to help, no matter where you are. If you need a hand staying motivated, stop by your local Ferris office, reach out to your advisor or lean on your classmates for support. Many of our faculty and staff have been where you are. You got this!


For more information on Ferris resources, visit theFerris Statewide page or contact your local Ferris office.


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