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Student Spotlight: Jessica Atteberry-Hunter

Jessica Atteberry-Hunter

Adult Learner Life-Changing Scholarship Recipient

Jessica Atteberry-Hunter was “absolutely speechless” when she found out she had won the Adult Learner Life-Changing Scholarship. For Jessica, who graduated from the Business Administration at Ferris-Grand Rapids, receiving the scholarship meant finally getting the opportunity to finish her degree.

“I had met a lot of personal hurdles that stopped me from finishing my bachelor’s degree the first time around,” explained Jessica. “Back in 2011 I had to drop out of my final semester at Ferris in Big Rapids. My grandfather had developed ALS and it progressed rapidly. I couldn't balance work and school while trying to spend as much time with him as I could.”

In 2017, Jessica began to make plans to return to school and get her bachelor’s degree from Ferris-Grand Rapids, yet she ran into another roadblock.

"When I found out I was chosen for the scholarship, I was in tears. It felt like my whole life was coming together. 

“In 2017 I made plans to go back to school and finish my degree,” Jessica told us. “However, I had closed on my very first house a month before the semester started and there was some confusion regarding the student loans and the mortgage. For a while I thought I was going to have to choose between finishing my degree and having my own home for my family to grow in.” Thankfully, Jessica won the Adult Learner Life-Changing Scholarship, and was able to return to Ferris and get her bachelor’s.

“When I found out I was chosen for the scholarship, I was in tears. It felt like my whole life was coming together,” Jessica explained. “Your bachelor’s degree provides so many opportunities and opens so many doors. I'm so proud I finally finished my degree and I know how proud my grandfather would be of me as well.”

We're proud of you too, Jessica! For more information on the Adult Learner Life-Changing Scholarship and all other scholarships, visit our scholarship page.


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