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Transfer Student Guide

There are two situations in which a student might be referred to as a transfer student.

  1. Immigration Transfer
    Students are already studying in the United States on an F-! or J-1 visa and wish to transfer from their current institution to Ferris State University. This will require your SEVIS record at your current school be transferred to Ferris. Once you have been admitted to Ferris, you will need to print, complete and submit the transfer form found in the list of printable details. This form needs to be signed by your international advisor at your current institution.
  2. Academic Credit Transfer
    Students have studied or are currently studying at a college or university and wish to transfer academic credits into Ferris to count toward their degree. The colleges or universities that students have attended may be in the US or outside of the US.

    Students who wish to transfer courses into Ferris for academic credit should submit official transcripts in the original language as well as in English. English translations must be conducted by a certified translation service. Along with official transcripts, students need to submit official course descriptions both in original language and in English.

    The transcripts and course descriptions will be reviewed by Ferris faculty. Transfer equivalencies will be determined and placed on the Transfer Equivalency Guide here.

    Students may check to see if courses from their institutions have already been reviewed and placed in the transfer guide. This will help student determine which courses will transfer into Ferris. If students do not see their institution or courses on the guide, their courses will need to be reviewed before equivalencies can be determined. This process can take time, so please allow up to 8 weeks to complete a transfer credit review.

    Once a transfer credit review is complete, students will receive an official Transfer Credit Articulation that they will be able to view on Ferris360 after they have been admitted.

    Please remember that if a class transfers into Ferris, it does not necessarily mean that it will fulfill degree requirements. Many students take classes that transfer into Ferris, but those particular classes may not be required to fulfill degree requirements for a chosen major or program. For example, a student may have taken computer programming courses at a different institution that are equivalent to computer programming courses at Ferris. However, that student may have decided to major in Nursing at Ferris, which does not require computer programming. Therefore, the computer programming courses will transfer to Ferris but will not fulfill the degree requirements for the Nursing program. Academic advisors will help students develop a degree plan based on transfer articulations and degree requirements.

Please contact the Office of International Education with questions or concerns.
Phone: (231) 591-3915
Email: [email protected]