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Explanation of Transfer Equivalency Evaluation


Code Meaning
BIOL 108 Course transferred as a specific FSU course
N/A GRD Credit not accepted due to grade. Coursework below C is not accepted
NC No credit, coursework below the 100 level does not count toward graduation.
GCR 100
AHSG - - -
General credit, 100 level course or higher.  You will need to provide a course syllabus or catalog description before a more specific evaluation can be made

All other codes indicate non-course specific credit and how they can be used. Other non-course specific equivalencies:

Subject name = General credit in that subject not equivalent to any specific FSU course but applicable to graduation in the appropriate general education category.


Code Meaning
ANTH3-G General Anthropology credit, 300 level course, Global component
HIST - - - History general credit, may be used for graduation in cultural enrichment category where HIST courses satisfy the requirement.
BIOLLAB Fulfills scientific understanding (biology) with lab component
HUMN2 - - Humanities credit, 200 level course

If your academic program requires a specific grade (eg B- or C ) in a particular course to become qualified for your program or to graduate from your program, you will need to repeat the course.

Specific program equivalents will be determined by the department at FSU with comparable coursework as indicated by the Ferris course designator.

When two or more courses at another college equal one at FSU, the FSU equivalent will be listed after only one course in the sequence. If you have taken only one part of a sequence, you will receive elective credit until the sequence is completed.

An ACE Recommendation is required for military credit.

International transcripts must be evaluated, by student arrangement, through the FSU Office of International Education. Contact the Ferris State University Office of Admissions (213) 591-3915.