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10 Reasons to Major in Dental Hygiene

Why You Should Build Your Career as a Dental Hygienist

With high pay and flexible schedules, dental hygiene is regularly ranked as one of the top careers to pursue in healthcare.

1. Rapidly Growing job Openings

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the dental hygiene occupation is expected to grow 11% from 2020 to 2030. This 2% faster than average job growth in the U.S. There will be an average of 15,600 openings every year over the next decade, giving you plenty of opportunities to fill open jobs after getting your degree.

2. High-paying salary

The median salary for dental hygienists is $77,090, which comes out to around $37/hr. You will be earning six more dollars an hour than the average American.;

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3. You Only need an associate Degree

You're much closer to getting a job as a hygienist because all you need to get started is an associate degree. The dental hygiene program at Ferris is a three-year program, the first year is the pre-professional year, the second and third years are devoted to the dental hygiene professional courses.

4. Advancement is possible

While an associate degree will get you started, you can take your dental hygiene career further.; You can earn your bachelor's in dental hygiene at Ferris if you're interested in pursuing leadership roles in the field. Dental hygienists can also help conduct research, become instructors, and more.

5. Schedule flexibility

Your schedule as a dental hygienist can be molded to what works for you. You can be full-time or part-time. You can work on a temporary basis or in a fill-in position. Many hygienists work for multiple dentists and offices and set their own schedule.


6. Ability to help others

So much of your health stems from your mouth, so being able to help clean teeth and identify any issues can seriously help the patients you see. You also instruct them on how to better take care of their oral health, which helps in the long-term.

7. IT's rewarding

With the work that comes as a hygienist, you get to see the difference you make in your patients' lives right away. You build relationships and rapport with your patients. Most people continue to see the same hygienist every time they come to the dentist.

8. Variety of hands-on work

Every day is different as a hygienist. You see different patients who each have multiple reasons they may have come in and unique dental histories. And depending on your path, you could be working at different offices or at other times of the day.

9. TOp program at Ferris

The dental hygiene program at Ferris is the largest in the state and one of the largest associate degree programs in the country. The program has a reputation of educational excellence, with expert faculty who are recognized at the state, national, and international levels.

10. Online Degrees Available

Advancing your education in the field doesn't mean you have to step back into a classroom. The Ferris bachelor's degree program in dental hygiene is 100% online and designed specifically for those who are already working in the field.


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