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Obtaining Emeriti Status


Ferris faculty members who are eligible for retirement are automatically granted Emeriti status. Members of the administration that meet employee definitions established by the Board of Trustees are also granted the status automatically, but must apply for the status during the retirement process.  All other staff must apply for the status.

The Emeriti Association is not involved in granting Emeriti status.

Steps to Take

Even though Emeriti status is granted automatically, faculty members must be proactive when retiring. Take these specific steps to ensure your status:

  • In your formal retirement notification (check the definition in the bargaining unit contract), be sure to mention that you will be retiring with Emeriti status. Example: "I plan to retire on June 30, (year) with Emeriti status." Follow through to ensure that your request for the status has been sent through your College Dean's office to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, who will forward the request to the President. The President will then ask to have your request placed on the agenda for the Board of Trustees. All requests for Emeriti status are approved through the Board of Trustees at their regular quarterly meetings.
  • During your exit interview with Human Resources, be sure to have the human resources representative check "Emeriti Status" on the check sheet to ensure that your email account will not be disabled and potentially deleted.
  • Emeriti Email Accounts - information regarding access to your email account following retirement can be found here.

Administrators must request Emeriti status in their formal notification of retirement (check with Human Resources for retirement process instructions). You must also follow through to ensure that your request is forwarded up the channels to the Vice President of your division, who will forward the request to the President and to the Board of Trustees, following the same process as faculty requests. In your exit interview, be sure that "Emeriti Status" is checked on the check sheet. If you fail to do so, your email account will be disabled on the day you retire.  See the important information above regarding Emeriti Email Accounts.

Under special circumstances, staff members are granted Emeriti status. Follow the same procedures as for administrators above. Currently, the University offers an FSU Retiree identification card, which offers many of the same benefits offered to Emeriti Association members, including discounts at campus dining facilities, the bookstore, recreation facilities, use of the library (FLITE) and a campus parking pass. Please visit the Human Resources office for more information.

Special Information for Retiring Employees Transferring to Affiliate Status

Many faculty and staff retire, but continue their activities at Ferris, either as a part-time employee, adjunct or as a volunteer. If you are continuing as a part-time employee or adjunct, please work directly with your supervisor or dean's office on the proper paperwork. If you plan on being a volunteer, you need to fill out the Affiliate Information Form to continue access to various university systems such as department drives, FerrisConnect and Ferris360. The form and instructions can be located in Ferris360, by searching 'Affiliate Information Form'.