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Board of Trustees and University Policies Affecting Contracts

Going through the contracting process, especially for the first time, may seem like a very daunting and challenging task. Arming yourself with a thorough understanding of Board of Trustees and University policies governing contracts prior to initiating the contracting process may circumvent problems or bottlenecks and lead to a quicker, smoother, and more satisfying completion of the process.

Become familiar with the following policies and procedures directly related to contracts:

Be aware that numerous other Board of Trustees policies and University policies not directly noted as related to contracts may need to be considered before negotiating and/or having a contract executed on behalf of the University. The following are just a few you may need to consider:

If you need assistance in interpreting these policies or in determining their applicability to your contract, you may contact the originating department of the policies or the General Counsel's office at 591-3894.