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Travel Information

Submit a Travel Request

  • Look in to transportation and accommodation costs for your trip in Concur or by contacting Professional Travel. Include cost estimation in your Concur Request. Reminder: only the most direct route and least expensive mode of travel is reimbursable (see Transportation & Travel policy).
  • If your travel is overnight, please be sure to include Fixed Meals (Per Diem) in your Request and become familiar with the amounts allowed for your trip.
  • Complete Request in Concur with all estimated costs (see Concur Handbook for step-by-step instructions on how to create a Request).
  • Once your Request is approved, you may begin booking travel. We recommend using Concur/Professional Travel for all your travel needs.
  • Remember: a travel Request is required even if no expenses will be incurred and reimbursed. This is to authorize your travel for liability purposes.
  • Resources available: contact the Disbursements Office or visit the Concur Training page.


After your Travel Request is approved

  • Read and understand the University’s Transportation and Travel policy to be sure of compliance with University funds and policies. Also check with your department about any department specific policies you should follow.
  • Do not accept or purchase car rental insurance for your travel. The University has liability insurance that covers employees when renting in the University’s name. Collision coverage is provided through the Bank of America Purchasing Card.
  • Be sure that bank information, email addresses, e-receipts, travel preferences, personal credit cards, etc. are updated and saved in your Concur profile (see At a Glance document for help).
  • Download and become familiar with the Concur Mobile Apps to aid in travel (especially helpful for receipts).
  • Resources available: contact the Disbursements Office or visit the Concur Training page.


Before you go and during your trip

  • If your trip is international or out of state, please alert the bank (Bank of America and/or personal) to prevent your card being shut off.
  • Keep important contact information available at all times in case of emergency including but not limited to: Disbursements Office, Professional Travel, Bank of America and any Governmental agencies.
  • While not required, we recommend using the mobile apps to keep track of expenses in Concur.
  • Keep all itemized receipts (even if uploaded to the app) for business expenses.
  • Resources available: contact the Disbursements Office or visit the Concur Training page.


After you return from your trip

  • Begin uploading any cash expenses incurred while on travel. Wait for any Purchasing Card transactions to import to Concur before expensing them out.
  • Use mobile apps to upload receipts more efficiently.
  • Be sure to fulfill all requirements for various expense types used. Itemized receipts are required for all Purchasing Card and Cash transactions over $50 dollars. Airfare, lodging, rental car, and business meals will always require an itemized receipt. A missing receipt affidavit may be used if receipt is not sufficient. Individual departments may have additional requirements so be sure to check with them!
  • Using the Itinerary Tool, claim any Meals per Diem as necessary and previously approved (See Meal Expense Types and Concur Handbook for more detailed information and instructions).
  • Reports are to be done monthly; this may break up different expenses of the trip depending on the timing of booking and travel.
  • Resources available: contact the Disbursements Office or visit the Concur Training page.

Booking Travel

For help booking travel, cancellations, or travel changes: You may contact our dedicated travel agency team at Professional Travel by calling

         1-800-239-9428 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

         1-800-247-0060 x 4755 Monday through Friday 5:30-9:00PM.

          Email:  [email protected]

Travel Discounts