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 Concur Introduction Travel Timeline
 Concur At a Glance  Infrequent User Trip Checklist
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 Bank Verification Instructions  Meal per Diem Rates
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 Concur Handbook Approvers Overview
 Concur Expense Types Banner Codes  Approvers Training
Concur Expense Types Usage Guide  Cost Object Approvers Training
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Did You Know?
A travel Request should be submitted even if no expenses will be incurred? This is to authorize your travel for liability purposes.
Non-taxable single day meals per diem are only allowed if travel is over 12 hours? If under 12 hours, a taxable meal per diem should be selected.
If using the Purchasing Card, you do not need to purchase collision coverage when renting a vehicle? Also, if renting in Ferris' name, you do not need to purchase liability coverage.
There is a Mileage Calculator in Concur you can use to accurately determine and calculate your mileage reimbursement?
You can create Travel Templates on the Travel tab in Concur to make booking recurring trips faster and easier?
Concur E-Receipts are available for Hotel and Car Rental transactions? These load automatically into Concur but first need to activated in your Concur Profile (Profile-Profile Settings-Other Settings-E-Receipt Activation).
Mileage should always be calculated from your primary place of work?
Hotel expenses should always be itemized but you can also itemize most other expense types if needed? For example, when a portion of a purchase is Personal.
Concur has great mobile apps that help to streamline the expense reconciliation process, especially for receipt handling? Check them out Mobile App Introduction.
You can email electronic receipts to [email protected]? First, you need to add and verify your long email in your Profile (Profile-Profile Settings-Your Information-Email Addresses).
Charges should be submitted in an Expense Report within 30 days?
You should not pay sales tax when using the Ferris Purchasing Card? See tax exempt certificates here.
The Business Purpose on the header copies down to all expense lines in the report? You should update individual expenses if the header Business Purpose is not applicable.
The approval flow is automated in Concur? However, you need to set up your approval flow through the Disbursements Office first by submitting this form.
All gifts, prizes, and awards should be reported to Payroll, Financial Aid, and Disbursements through the online form "Gifts, Prizes, Award Money and Non-employee Payments" found under the Payroll heading on the Disbursements Forms page in Ferris360
You can forward an Outlook calendar meeting to [email protected] to easily attach attendees to a Business Meal or Event? It will show up in your Available Expenses.
You can create Attendee Favorites in Concur to make adding attendees you use on multiple occasions easier (Profile-Profile Settings-Expense Settings-Favorite Attendees)?
Quick Expenses provide a journal entry format to make entering several transactions at once more efficient?
There is a Relocation Area of Travel on the Expense Report Header for relocation reports?
There is an Enhanced Printed Report for Expense Reports under the "Print/Email" menu? It shows allocations, approval flow, and the audit trail.