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Digital Media Software Academy

2019 · Grand Rapids, Michigan
Recommended for ages 14 and up. While these camps are basic courses, students
are expected to have solid familiarity with a Windows PC computer environment.

Students interested in computer software and what makes technology run will enjoy these camps.

Coding Boot Camp I

Canceled • 9am - 12pm • $150                                                                          Registration
If you want to develop programming skills necessary to design, develop and create games and fun Apps for smartphones, tablets, PCs, the internet and Xbox, this camp is for you. You are introduced to the powerful App programming language C#, which is used by professionals in the gaming industry and businesses around the world. You will learn the fundamentals of programming, using professional software development tools, while creating your software masterpiece.

Coding Boot Camp II

Canceled• 9am - 12pm • $150                                                                            Registration 
Expand your programming knowledge by creating increasingly more exciting applications. In this session, use the most powerful and professional game development tools in the world. The skills developed are extremely important for anyone interested in a career in computer science and/or engineering. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to have fun and to learn programming skills. (This session is open to students who have completed Coding Boot Camp I.)